Bailey Johnson

ITS 370

CH 12

1.       Search the Web for the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). In your own words, what is the forum’s mission?


Since 1990, when FIRST was founded, its members have resolved an almost continuous stream of security-related attacks and incidents including handling thousands of security vulnerabilities affecting nearly all of the millions of computer systems and networks throughout the world connected by the ever growing Internet. FIRST brings together a wide variety of Security, Personnel, and IS Maintenance5security and incident response teams including especially product security teams from the government, commercial, and academic sectors.


2.       Search the Web for two or more sites that discuss the ongoing responsibilities of the security manager. What other components of security management can be adapted for use in the security management model?


Solstice Enterprise Manager Application Development Guide Open View Performance Insight Courses: Student Pre-course Study Guide

The ISO network management model addresses management and operation through five topics:

Fault management.

Configuration and name management

Accounting management

Performance management

Security management

A major component of the network management that can be adapted to the security management model is a firewall that serves dual role to keep external intrusion from entering an organizations internal data for the confidential, integrity and availability.


3.       This chapter lists five tools that can be used by security administrators, network administrators, and attackers alike, Search the Web for three to five other tools that fit this description.


Metrics are tools designed to improve performance and accountability through the collection, analysis, and reporting of relevant performance-related data. Information security metrics monitor the accomplishment of goals and objectives by quantifying the implementation level of security controls and the efficiency and effectiveness of the controls, by analyzing the adequacy of security activities, and by identifying possible improvement actions. “Am I implementing the tasks for which I am responsible?”, “How efficiently or effectively am I accomplishing those tasks?”, and “What impact are those tasks having on the mission?”

 Automated tools known as log analyzers can consolidate systems logs, perform comparative analysis, and detect common occurrences or behavior that is of interest. A risk assessment’s identification of the systemic or latent vulnerabilities that introduce risk to the organization can provide the opportunity to create a proposal for an information security project. When used as part of a complete risk management maintenance process, the RA can be a powerful and flexible tool that helps identify and document risk and remediate the underlying vulnerabilities that expose the organization to risks of loss.

The platform security validation (PSV) process is designed to find and document the vulnerabilities that may be present because there are misconfigured systems in use within the organization. The wireless vulnerability assessment process is designed to find and document the vulnerabilities that may be present in the wireless local area networks of the organization. The modem vulnerability assessment process is designed to find and document any vulnerability that is present on dial-up modems connected to the organization’s networks.


4.       Using a Web browser and the names of the tools you found in Exercise 3, find a site that claims to be dedicated to supporting hackers. Do you find any references to other hacker tools? If you do, create a list of the tools along with a short description of what they do and how they work.


CyberXtreme is an impressive forum with a significant hacking section, but also entire sections on technology, graphics and even a tech support area. Here you’ll find cracks, secret codes, free download packages (some containing cracked software which may be illegal to download in your area, so be careful). The forum is very protective of its content, so you’ll have to register with a valid email address before you can even get a glimpse of the content that’s on the forums.

Hack a Day definitely offers an amazing library of information for anyone looking for specific categories like cellphones, GPS or digital cameras. You’ll find all hacks organized by category in the right column. More than any other site, this particular “hacking” site is very much hardware based, and they redefine the meaning of the word hacking by literally hacking up electronic devices like a Gameboy or a digital camera and completely modifying it. Of course you’ll still find the occasional software hack, such as how to remove the Blackberry download limit.