CSCI 370

Bailey Johnson

CH 1


1.       The key points of the paper were to develop techniques and obtain experience on interconnecting computers, improve and increase computer research productivity through research sharing and make it so that any program or user on any of the networked computers can access any other program. Or make a subsystem connected in the network without changing the remote program. The previously unexamined areas of information security were how to safeguard data from unauthorized users, the vulnerability of password structure and format, the lack of safety procedure for dial-up connections, the non-existence of user identification and the adding of authorization to systems.

2.       The position of Chief Information Officer of UWS is currently vacant. I couldn’t find the CISO anywhere. Do we have one? Anyways the CIO is the data owner and the CISO is the data custodian

3.       I tried looking on the Cirrus aircraft website and neither the CIO nor CISO was listed anywhere. I also tried looking at Apple’s official site and I think the CIO is Eddy Cue? He is listed as the Senior Vice President and Internet and Software Services. I don’t know.

4.       Kevin Mitnick is an infamous hacker who hacked into the computers of over 40 companies including Pacific Bell and the Pentagon. He was caught by hacker Tsutomu Shimomura. He is infamous just for the sheer amount of hacking he did and how long it took to catch him.

5.       Incremental development is when each successive version of the product is usable and each builds upon the previous version by adding user-visible functionality. Agile development is when a team is continuously refine and test the software instead of doing it in increments. Both are based on the idea of continuously improving software, the organization is just different.