Bailey Johnson

ITS 370

CH2 exercises


1.       I think it would be four categories. For breaking into the network that would be deliberate acts of trespass, copying files would be compromises to intellectual property and the defacing of the Web page and stealing credit card numbers would technical failures and managerial failures.

2.       Michael Demon Calace was a high school student from West Island Quebec. He launched a series of DDoS or Denial of Service attacks against commercial websites including Yahoo!, Fifa. Com and He also attempted to launch a series of simultaneous attacks against nine of the thirteen root name servers. He was caught because of trace evidence he left behind in the servers he attacked.

3.       Well the manual points out every weakness in many different systems and is constantly being updated as new weak points are found, so an administrator could use this to find weak points and repair them before they can be exploited.

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5.       In Great Britain hackers placed a hijacked copy of the version 5.33 of CCleaner online. As of yet it is unclear what this compromised code actually does but I think this falls under the Software attacks. Equifax has apologized after it mistakenly directed some customers to an imposter website over its Twitter page. I think this falls under Human error and possibly information extortion because the false page was likely gathering people’s credit card information.