CH 5

1.      Who are the three major players in the mobile payment market?

Apple, Google and Samsung

2.      Why is Venmo considered a social-mobile payment system?

Because it makes it easy to find your friends, via phone number, email or their own Venmo accounts, and split bills and such with them.

3.      How does Apple Pay differ from Android Pay and Samsung Pay?

Unlike Android Pay it requires a fingerprint scan and unlike Samsung Pay it does not offer any sort of rewards points for using it.

4.      How does PayPal enable mobile payments?

Through it’s mobile app you can select “Stay logged in for purchases”.


Imagine you are the owner of an e-commerce website. What are some of the signs that your site has been hacked? Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage to your site.

The computer's basic work will be greatly affected, due to the performance of computer failure, you will not run, I assure you, the use of early implementation of many functions. Such as computer running than normal, more slowly for no apparent reason.

The exception of certain types of files does not run the file or the Task Manager. File is a spyware and viruses, such as different forms of the symptoms of abnormalities that may affect the background files on your computer suddenly slow down the busy work and the speed of the computer. They tend to hackers hijack your bandwidth, so the eyes of your system for their own purposes. Internet activities are not add-remove any programs used to access the Internet, it will suddenly slow Internet access. When you return to the desktop wallpaper and icons.

Major types of attacks

Virus: In a computer, computer virus is a program or programming code that is copied or start by copying to another program, computer boot sector or file. Virus can be transmitted, such as file attachments in e-mail to download the instructions, or on or floppy disk or CD-ROM. Direct source of the e-mail note, downloaded file, you have received or floppy disk usually does not know it contains a virus. Some viruses wreak their effect, because once their code enforcement; other viruses lie dormant until circumstances cause their code, by the computer to perform. Some viruses are benign or playful in intent and effect ("Happy Birthday, Ludwig!") And some can be quite harmful, delete data or cause the need to reformat the hard disk.

Worm: In the computer, the worm is a self-replicating virus file, but will not change in the active memory-resident and a copy of itself. Worm uses the operating system is automatic, users do not usually visible. It is common for worms to be noticed only when they can not control replication consumes system resources, slow down or stop other tasks. If your computer is experiencing performance issues, most recently, you might want to know if your computer has been infected with a worm or virus. Self-education is a great way to start when troubleshooting your computer. Once you understand your possible causes of performance problems, you are so much better equipped to repair things, and can calculate your life.

DOS: Denial of Service (DoS) attack is one in which the user or organization is a resource service, they will usually expect to be deprived of the event. In a distributed denial of service, a lot of damage to the system (sometimes referred to as a botnet) attack a target. Although DoS attacks are usually not lead to information or other security, the loss of security, which can cost the target person or company the time and a lot of money. Typically, loss of service is a specific network services, such as email, can not provide all network connections and services, or temporary loss. A denial of service attack can also destroy the affected computer programming systems and documentation. In some cases, denial of service attacks, forcing millions of people visit the corporate Web site suspension.

Trojan horse: In the computer, the Trojan horse is a malicious or harmful code is harmless on the inner surface of the program or in such a way that it can be controlled and damage in the form of their choice, including procedures, such as data on the hard drive destruction File Allocation Table disk. In one famous example of a Trojan horse is that this would have to find and destroy computer virus program. Trojan horses can be widely redistributed as part of computer viruses.

Marco virus: Macro viruses requires the user to take action to implement once they are downloaded to your computer, or to systems approach. The virus is usually written in a scripting language commonly used to create applications for use in the macro. Some of these macro viruses on the computer system failure than a security threat. One example is the text in Microsoft Word macro virus to generate a popular, specific key combination is pressed.

Given the shift toward m-commerce, do a search on the m-commerce  (or mobile commerce) crime. Identify and discuss the security threats this type of technology creates. Prepare a presentation outlining your vision of the new opportunities for cybercrime that m-commerce may provide.

Well there are risky QR codes that can lead users to sites that install malware, they can steal your digital certificate which they can use to pretend to be you, Smishing which is the m-commerce version of phishing which is often done by telling the user they have won a prize, and then there’s unsecure wifi which if you use this can allow the hackers to access your personal information.