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The Future In Services?

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Previously only used for military surveillance and missile strikes drones are now becoming the hot new item in the RC community. Unlike their predicessors, the RC helicopter, RC drones don't require the full attention of pilot. They can fly to GPS coordinates, hover, and even stabalize themselves in high winds with little to no imput from the pilot. Also with several rotor blades instead of one (most drones have four or six) drones are able to carry payloads such as cameras and packages. This has opened new fronteirs in package delivery and photography.

However this has also given rise to new concerns about drones and their use by the general public. Many of the larger models can be outfitted with cameras which raises concerns about privacy. While at the moment FAA guidelines state that drones are considered aircrafts and there for must follow aircraft guidelines, such as not flying over groups of people, there have still been instances where drones have interuptted public events such as baseball games. The FAA has yet to release any rules and regulations specifically for drones and at the moment there is no way to register or insure drones either.

Here is a breif video on how RC drones and how they work: