Challenge Center's Mission

To provide services that support people facing challenges to living and working in our community.


Philosophy of Mission Statement:

The Challenge Center offers residential, adult day and work services focused on community integration.  “People Facing Challenges” include individuals with disabilities or special needs that require support services to be able to achieve their desired quality of life and level of work.  The Challenge Center is directed and operated by people of good will as an expression of Catholic social values. 



Challenge Center began about 40 years ago in response to Community Needs, when parents of children and adults with developental disbilities asked Catholic Charities to develop day programs. More recent community needs have resulted in: The Sensory Stimulation Program for students graduating from Superior's Po-Hi school program; the creation of McKenzie Manor and Mountainview group homes when St. Francis South and Colonial's intermediate care programs closed; we continued Deer Haven group Home and the Leisure Time Activities program when Douglas County Arc closed; Independent Living Support, Personal Care Services and 24-hour Respite have all been developed to help maintain independence and to respond to our community's needs.

The agency continues to rely on community support, and donations are gratefully accepted.