About Us

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We were part of the 2015 class of Leadership Superior-Douglas County.

What is LSDC? LSDC is an annual program for
approximately 25-30 emerging leaders who want to be involved in improving the community and shaping its future.

Participants represent a cross-section of the urban and rural communities of Douglas County and have diverse backgrounds and interests. LSDC ends with the participants completing a final group project. Our final project is to build a Children's Memorial Garden.



Our goal is to create a garden of hope, healing, and peace for families and friends that have experienced the tragic loss of a child. We hope that by having a quiet place to reflect, families and friends can form new relationships by bonding together with other families that have suffered similiar tragedy.

We will be building this Children's Memorial Garden on Second Point (Girl Scout Point) in Billings Park.



Our proposed Children's Memorial Garden will celebrate the lives of these beautiful children, honor the love of their family and friends and establish a peaceful sanctuary for all. We hope that the garden will be able to symbolize that life can continue after death.

"A memorial garden lives on. Live plants, by their nature, can provide soothing comfort to you during your bereavement... In planting a tree you are giving the gift of life back to the earth. This can be a most honorable and appropriate gift of remembrance. A vibrant, beautiful tree benefits everyone... now and for future generations to come. For this reason, a tree provides a wonderful symbol of the continuance of life while benefiting the earth" (Recover from Grief)

This garden will be dedicated to all the famillies and friends who grieve the loss of a child, regardless of age or reason. Everyone is a child to someone; every family deserves peace, sanctuary, and hope. This garden will be a living legacy for families and friends to remember the life of their child.