Chad Nordean


Chapter 4

-         Building an E-commerce Presence: Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps


Case Study Questions:


1.      Why did Dick’s decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce operations?


-          Dick’s decided to leave eBay after 10 successful years of partnering. eBay played a major role in the success of Dick’s because it took care of all the back-end fulfillment. Dick’s soon realized that once they hit a certain size, eBay was costing to much. eBay makes their money on taking a fee for every item sold, so as Dick’s grew eBay was taking a significant portion of the revenue. This is why Dicks decided to leave eBay and take over its own E-commerce operations.


2.      What is Dick’s omnichannel strategy?


-          Dick’s omnichannel strategy is to combine their physical sales with their E-commerce sales. This will allow for many new features like ordering online and picking up in store, price testing by region, and to speed up time of testing. Dick’s has noticed by opening a new store and allowing for multichannel connections, users are spending more. Dick’s is trying to offer as many channels as possible for customers to order through because the correlation to increased revenue is direct.


3.      What are the three steps in Dick’s migration to its new website?


There are many small steps that make moving to a completely new e-commerce platform a difficult task.


The three steps for Dick’s:

1.      Integrating legacy systems and new systems with-out losing access to information.

2.      Hiring a slew of new employees to manage the system.

3.      Avoid implementation delays, cost over runs, outages and other delays.


These three steps are crucial for the company to hit and be successful so that the users have the best experience possible. It is also important to the company to save money, so being timely and efficient is key.


4.      What are the primary benefits of Dick’s new system?


-          There are many primary benefits to Dick’s new system. One of the biggest benefits that I can see is that Dick’s now has better control of their physical and E-commerce sales. The new system provides many unique and special features including being able to buy online, pick up in store, the ability to ship from or to a store, pricing tests in different markets, improved search functions, and more analytics that will allow Dick’s to make critical decisions in the future. Overall the switch should also save Dick’s money in the long run! With Dick’s following the 3-step process and having a successful transfer to an in-house e-commerce operation, they will save money and have better control over their future.






Project Questions:


1.      Visit several e-commerce sites, not including the ones mentioned I this chapter, and evaluate their effectiveness.


-          Target: Target has an E-commerce website that is very well built. The appearance matches their brand and it does a great job of highlighting the products you are buying. The only thing that I believe Target doesn’t do very well on their E-commerce platform as they do in-store is “Up selling”. Which is the process of luring buyers into buying more then they need. I believe they do a great job of offering sales and trying to market on their website. Overall, I think Target has a great multi-channel system that allows customers and users to have the best experience possible. Target also holds a very good social media presence. They are on every major social media platform that lead to direct sales.

-          Targets website is set up pretty commonly. It uses a checkout button on the top right, where everyone looks for it. It also adds an easy “add to cart button”. Another great feature Target added on their website really clean and high-quality pictures to allow users to fully see the product.

-          Bad 1-5 Good                                                                       Target:

Functionality-                                                                                     5

Informational-                                                                                    5

Ease of use-                                                                                         5

Ease of Purchase-                                                                               5

Redundant Navigation Browser Functionality-                             4

Legible Text-                                                                                        3

Simple Graphic’s-                                                                                5

Here is Targets Page:


-           Walmart: Walmart I believe has a fantastic E-commerce website. Their website has a great appearance that matches the brand. Walmart does a great job in highlighting their products and its price. When you are checking out from Walmart, it clearly states what you are buying while also trying to “Up Sell” you for other great products. Walmart creates a positive vibe on their website with the picture of all products being very high quality. Walmart has a great e-commerce website that allows all of the users to easily access their products. They even make grocery shopping easy!!

-          Bad 1-5 Good                                                                       Walmart:

Functionality-                                                                                    5

Informational-                                                                                   4

Ease of use-                                                                                        5

Ease of Purchase-                                                                              4

Redundant Navigation Browser Functionality-                            3

Legible Text-                                                                                       5

Simple Graphic’s-                                                                               5


Here is Walmart’s Link:








2.      Choose an open source web content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal or any other of your choosing and evaluate the system. Which one would you choose and why?


-          After looking at many of options including WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal I believe the best open source web content management system would be WordPress. The reason I would say this is because there are many major multi-million-dollar companies in the world that use WordPress as a product. It is also very easy to learn how to use. WordPress has made it possible to create a professional looking website for a relatively small amount of money. The operating system that WordPress is based off of is second to none and really can give a business a leg up on their competition.

-          WordPress allows you to add many functions including search capabilities, enhanced pictures, and advanced text boxes. The function ability of WordPress is great, the ease of use is second to none, and adding simple graphics and legible text sizes are retally available.

-          Here is an example of a WordPress Site: