CH1 The Revolution Is Just Beginning


1.      Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

a.      Pinterest describes itself as a visual search tool for discovering creative ideas. With less emphasis on friends, search has become the core part of their mission.

2.      Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone when it develops new features and products?

a.      Around 80% of Pinterest users access it through their mobile device. Its goal is to run smoothly on all mobile devices to increase their user’s overall satisfaction.

3.      Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

a.      Infringement issues are a potential issue for Pinterest because their business model involves users potentially violating others copyrights by posting images without permission and /or attribution.



Project Questions:

4.      Prepare a brief report or presentation on how companies are using Instagram or another company of your choosing as a social e-commerce platform.

a.      DLH is a locally based clothing company. They are currently on Facebook and have a really strong social e-commerce presence. If you look at their Facebook page you will see that they do a very good job at taking and posting professional photo’s, offering a 1 touch checkout button, and also making it a simple and clean process. These three aspects are what set DLH apart from many other stores. They use their Facebook advertising as a corner stone for part of their success for sales for Facebook. With all of these things combines it is no wonder why DLH has become an instant hit in Duluth, MN.

5.      Given the development of e-commerce in the years of 1995-2018, what do you predict we will see during the next 5 years?

a.      Within the next 5 years I can see two major steps happening in e-commerce. One, you will be able to order by Siri, Alexa, and another major voice recognition technology. The second thing I see happening is same day delivery. With technology and resource allocation being at an all-time best, I can only see that Amazon or Walmart will start to offer same day shipping. These two developments will set the e-commerce as we know today as a way of the past.