ITS 335 Ciarra Taipale 11/16/17

Chapter 10 - Lab 1

Determining the Best Social Outlets for the New Harvest Food Bank Website:

  1. Research information about the best social media options for a food bank.

    • Food banks can be promoted through a variety of social media. Some of the better ones the food bank should try are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  2. Determine the top 3 social media options.

    • In determining the top 3 social media outlets, it would be a better question to ask, "who does this advertisement target?". Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the 3 best options to find donors and sponsors. People who are in need of the food banks most likely do not have access to private internet. In such an example, I would recommend adverstising on a site such as Craigslist.ORG,or a local news station, or local newspaper.
  3. Explain why the food bank should use your recommended social media options.

    • Social media is a dynamic way to reach billions of people. In real estate, the three buzz words are, "Location, Location, Location" and in advertising the saying is "Know your audience". Social media, in a sense, combines both. In order to be effective, you must know who your audience is, and how to reach them. My recommendations should be used, because they answer both. Facebook and Twitter are used by well off people who are in a position to give. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used by younger people who either would be willing to help out, or have family who would. As for the people in need, many of the popular social media outlets are blocked by public internet providers and would not be an appropriate venue for them. Instead, my recommendation of Craigslist.ORG is sound, because it can be readily accessed through public library internet terminals. As for the local news outlets, their reports on television and in the papers are usually mirrored on their internet sites and are available publicly as well. While they all are geographically limited, they all have a good chance of reaching the people who need the food bank's help.
  4. List of Pros and Cons for social media:

    • Facebook:
      • Pro - It is easy to use, billions (as of 2017 2.07 billion) of people are on there, and it is a good secure service.
      • Con - people could steal ideas, media, or marketing techniques.
    • Twitter:
      • Pro - Updates are "pushed" to many followers immediately. It is accessible by many devices.
      • Con - Current events and users have placed a negative connotation on the service. It can easily be abused and negatively affect the image of the food bank.
    • Instagram:
      • Pro - It targets the younger age groups.
      • Con - Older population won't view this.
    • YouTube:
      • Pro - Can post neat videos promoting company. Supports patreon.
      • Con - Time consuming in content creation, maintenance, and in finding subscribers. Not accessible by some older devices.