ITS 335-01 Web Page Authoring

Danielle Hudak


 CH1 Introduction to the Internet and Web Design

  WCH1 Creating an Expression Web Site


 CH2 Building a Webpage Template with HTML5

 WCH2 Working with Images and Links

 CH3 Enhancing a Website with Links and Images

 WCH3 Working with Templates and Styles

 CH4 Applying CSS Styles to Webpages

  WCH4 Creating Styles and Layouts with CSS


 CH5 Responsive Design Part 1: Designing for Mobile Devices

 WCH5 Working with Data Tables and Inline Frames


 CH6 Responsive Design Part 2: Designing for Tablet and Desktop Devices

 WCH6 Adding Interactivity


 CH7 Improving Web Design with New Page Layouts

 WCH7 Working with Forms


 CH8 Creating Tables and Forms

 WCH8 Building a Web Site with CSS-Based Templates


 CH9 Integrating Audio and Video

 WCH9 Testing and Publishing Your Web Site


 CH10 Creating Interactivity with Social Media and JavaScript


 CH11 Publish and Promote a Website


 CH12 Maintaining a Website