Drake Schellbach 

CH 1 The Revolution Is Just Beginning

Q1. Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?


Pinterest itself has made it so itís a visual search tool, which is Pinterest main strategy. What Pinterest has done is make it so it searches independently which is threatening Google's search business. Pinterest plans on outperforming Google by visual search, but not by traditional search. Google is also a search engine and it has a name that everyone knows, and is widely viewed on all platforms. So, I think Google is Pinterestís main competitor by having a well-known name, by beating Pinterest in traditional searches, and google has a more of a variety of a search engine which may appeal to more people.

Q2. Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?


Pinterest focuses on smartphone platforms, because it is easily accessible, and it uses a visual search for its platform, and mobile platforms are on a steady increase.

Q3.why is copywriting infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

A3. it is an issue because it can take other people/company's pictures without permission, which can cause them lawsuits, or can cause legal battles for the possession of their information.



Project questions

Q 3.

A.† In the next 5 years of e-commerce I can see most of online businesses go through more phone platforms as phones become more advance I believe E-commerce will do the same. With the internet continuing to grow I believe they will push more towards mobile/phone platforms, like some e-commerce they have already adapted to mobile platforms, making it more convenient for the people to buy this is how I can see societal shifts.

What I think E-commerce will look like in 2023 will be mostly phone platforms as the technology keeps on evolving. Online businesses will idolize the power of marketing on phone platforms as more people look on their phones than anything else. E-commerce will keep growing in my eyes just as fast or faster than mobile platforms will. So, in the end I believe to make it in the E-commerce world you need to innovate or you wonít be successful.


Q 4.

A. Companies have been focusing on the most popular apps on your mobile plat form. The leading apps on Mobile plat forms are Facebook and Instagram. Now that you know the two main apps on mobile platforms there are ways that people use it in e-commerce. The way people use e-commerce on social media plat forms is visual aids. They use visual aids to grab the attention of the user to click on their link, which then brings them to either their page or their website to buy their product. If they are selling something they make a link and that link can also have advertisement to later advertise other products that they have on the page, and itís a never-ending cycle for many ways for e-commerce. And these apps will remember your search history and they will put more adds that pertain to your search criteria.