E-commerce Infrastructure-The Internet, Web, and Mobile

  1. Akamai need to have different geographic locations to up the speed for the user. It would be faster if someone in Minnesota searched on there page and there server in Texas responded it would be slower than the server in Minnesota. So Akamai does it for speed for the convenience of the consumer.
  2. Yes, I would use Akamai. Akamai is used by bigger corporations, so that means they trust them, and Akamai is constantly making their service faster so even in the future I could count on Akamai to still be one of the faster servers, and Akamai deals with roughly 30% of all web traffic.
  3. No, I believe that the internet should stay the same and shouldny charge you on your usage. If people where to get charged for their usage, I believe the internet would slow down and not as many people would be buying from amazon or even using apps, because they don't want to be charged even more.




2. I called spectrum for a cable/internet provider. After talking to them offered a deal right away. Spectrum also offers a technician if you need help getting your internet set up. Depending on the situation you're in the technician can be free or there will be a small charge for next month's bill. Spectrums first deal that they offer is 100 MBPS for $44.99, and that's just for internet, if you want a cable that will be another charge to your account. Spectrum also offers a deal with sports games. If you like sports a lot there's a bundle package for you as well. If you want all channels and hbo showtime and all sports channels with internet it will cost you $119 a month, vs just internet which is $44.99 a month if you want to change from HBO to starz you can and instead of $119 a month it is now $139 a month,and all packages include unlimited calling except the $44.99 one with just internet. If you are looking for the fastest internet they offer a deal of 200 MBPS for $65 a month, this is the best option if you want the fastest internet.  So there are plenty of options to hit the consumers needs.


  1. For this one I did nest home, I picked this because it interested me and got me thinking about the amazon alexa. The Nest Smart Home is designed to do the same thing the Alexa does, be convenient for humans and save them time. The Nest Smart Home helps with security cameras thermostats and smoke detectors. Although these aren't devices you listen to music on or buy anything off of them, the Nest Smart Home still listens and has speakers on most of their equipment and it is to help make it a smart home. So Nest Smart Home helps with security systems and with your temperature of the house. Nest Smart Home also has the safety of the house down for the consumer with security cameras and microphones around the house. Truly an innovative way to upgrade your house.