Building an E-commerce Presence Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps

1.)   The reason why Dick’s left ebay and created its own ecommerce site is simple, Dick’s Sporting goods online sales grew and it was costing them revenue by being with Ebay.

So in the business world you find where you can make more money and Dicks sporting goods did just that found out they would make more money by having there own e-commerce.


2.)   Dicks omnichannel is using their actual stores as distribution locations, by doing this has helped them fulfill online orders. Their stores also help by having the products in stock, so the customers can go see it if they want, which gives them a little bit of an upper hand for just online stores.


3.)    1. For step one it has to do with creating a new website and making it work with their current system.


            2.For Dicks sporting goods step number 2 it has to do with taking there smaller brands and moving them to the new platform, and they’re continuing the development of the new platform.

3. And then for their final step they’re putting their original dick sorting goods website onto the new platform.


4.)   The primary benefits for the new platform is to be able to buy online and then go to the store to get it. You can also price check the item with neighboring areas. And last the new platform speeds up the website and modernized it.



            Bad 1-5 good               Gander outdoors     Bass pro shop     Dicks sporting goods 

Functionality                              5                            5                              4

Informational                              5                            4                              4

Ease use                                   5                             5                              5  

Ease of purchase                      4                             4                              5

Redundant navigation               5                             4                              4

Browser functionality                 5                             5                             5

Legible text                                5                            5                              5

Simple graphics                         5                            5                              5





After going over all three websites I personally like Gander outdoors. They had good jump around adds that helped to find what you were looking for and had great use of pictures. As you can see in the screenshot the use of pictures on the homepage to the page where you order the items.




            Bad 1-5 Good

Joomla                            1-5 Score

Functionality                      4

Informational                      3

Ease use                            3

Ease of purchase               3

Redundant navigation        4

Browser functionality          5

Legible text                         5


I Picked Joomla, because I have never heard about so I wanted to check it out. When I first saw the webpage it overwhelm me which was nice but felt a little basic in moving around and working your way into the website. Overall this webpage is a little over average in my eyes and there are still many spots for improvement