Chapter 5

1.)   What are the three types of mobile payments, and how do they differ?

The three types of payments on a mobile platform are, payments among individuals, branded proximity payment systems, and proximity payment systems. branded proximity payment systems are for single merchant stores, while proximity payment systems are for bigger companies such as Microsoft, and finally payments among individuals is the same as paying a friend.


2.)  Who are the largest adopters of mobile payment methods? Why?

The largest adapters for mobile payments are retailers, like gander outdoors, walmart and shopko. Why these companies are going to mobile platforms, is because with today's technology moving much faster than ever before it is a safe bet to go on a mobile platform since almost everybody today has a smart phone and it is easier and more of a convenience for the customer to shop right off of there phone.


3.)  Why are digital wallets provided by Apple, Google, and Samsung not growing as fast as expected.

Because the mobile platform is fairly new to the game, big corporations are trying to figure a way and innovate the platform. The reason they aren't growing as fast as they would like to because of the  implementation with other merchants using the NFC, the merchants would also like to keep and continue to grow there relationships.


4.)    What is Zelle and why did it grow so fast in the last few years?

Zelle is a digital service for a way to pay people or to move around money in relations with Fintech and traditional banks.The fast growth of Zelle is from the instant money access from the account, like other accounts you usually have to wait 2-3 business days. With Zelle the transactions are free as well which helped it grow in the last two years.




1.      Imagine you are the owner of an e-commerce website. What are some of the signs that your site has been hacked? Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage to your site. Prepare a brief summary presentation.

If I owned my                         own ecommerce website a way for me to know if I have been hacked is to see if you can even get into the website as an everyday user. THe major attack would be them wiring money from the website to an offshore bank account. I would also look at hackers trying to get into the back door of the website, that would be my main concern in someone hacking my ecommerce website. The major damages that can happen is I lose the company money and lose access to the website.


2.      Given the shift toward m-commerce, do a search on m-commerce (or mobile commerce) crime. Identify and discuss the security threats this type of technology creates.

The security threats that mobile commerce holds is its on smartphones that aren't as advanced as some computers therefore making it easier for PC platforms to interfere with mobile platforms. PC capabilities outweigh the mobile device capabilities, This makes for a difficult authentication. Another threat is that people steal cell phones and people lose cell phones which has all of their login information.