Drake Schellbach



1. Pay a visit to your favorite portal and count the total ads on the opening page. Count how many of these ads are (a) immediately of interest and relevant to you, (b) sort of interesting or relevant but not now, and (c) not interesting or relevant. Do these 10 times and calculate the percentage of the three kinds of situations. Describe what you find and explain the results using this case.

For this question I picked Yahoo.

1 Not relevant

2 Not relevant

3 Not relevant

4 relevant

5 relevant

6 Not relevant

7 relevant

8 Not relevant

9 relevant

10 relevant

The adds that Yahoo had were somewhat relevant the more I searched through that search engine.


2. Advertisers use different kinds of “profiles” in the decision to display ads to customers. Identify the different kinds of profiles described in this case and explain why they are relevant to online display advertising.


Advertisers have been using the users search history to better fit their advertisements. They will target the advertisements that better fit the interest of the user through some of their recent searches.


3. How can display ads achieve search-engine-like results?


Display ads go through your search history to find relevant topics that might fit the interest of the use, and with that they create a profile for the user.


4. Do you think instant display ads based on your immediately prior clickstream will be as effective as search engine marketing techniques? Why or why not?


I think that the search engine marketing strategy is better fit, because it is off the information that the user has searched or has somewhat of an interest in.






#5 When searching 2 different search engines I seen that the one search carried over from google to Yahoo for an advertisement, I could tell that this was a paid advertisement due to its pop up and how quick it came up on the other search engines. When I searched on Google, I searched deer hunting. When I went to Yahoo, the advertisement came up of 30% of all hunting equipment when you use the promo code. That is how I was able to tell that they paid for this placement on Yahoo.


#7 On my Facebook I seen that most of the advertisements is based on my search history. For example, mine has to do a lot with stock markets and hunting equipment as that is my primary searches on my phone. When fisiting Yahoo I didn’t see any new advertisements that have tracked me.