1. What characteristics of the restaurant market made it difficult for a reservation system to work?

In the U.S there are thousands of restaurants to choose from, more than 47,000 according to the reading. Some characteristics of restaurants is they take reservations, When a restaurant does take reservations it only benefits that restaurant. Also with today's age we can make reviews that take no longer than a few seconds, which can make people not want to try the restaurant out.


  1. How did OpenTable change its marketing strategy to succeed?

The open table changed the market by making their ERB more user friendly. Also  OpenTable has pushed their company to for local network, from doing this the company has grown over 58%. After that the company launched what is known as an IPO and by doing this there shares went up 59%.


  1. Why would restaurants find the SaaS model very attractive?

SaaS is attractive because it can help make reservations, get people in the door and help with money finance. In the past companies had to rely on word of mouth and outdoor advertisements. Overall the SaaS has helped a significant amount  of customers and restaurants.


  1. What challenges does OpenTable face?

Well like every company there is always competition and OpenTable so far has been doing a good job by keeping up with other competitors. One competitor which is one of their main competitors is American Express.  OpenTable also has to worry about their

 cost as there are other companies that are cheaper than OpenTable.




  1. Access the EDGAR archives at Sec.gov, where you can review 10-K filings for all public companies. Search for the 10-K report for the most recent completed fiscal year for two online retail companies of your choice. Compare the financial stability and prospects of the two businesses, focusing specifically on the performance of their respective e-commerce operations.


            I chose Under Armour and Nike. overall Nike is bigger according to there 10-k but Under Armour isn't far behind and Under Armour is hurting Nike sales ultimately helping Under Armour, become the top dog in the future. In the last 5 year is when you can see Under Armour become one of the big dogs in this market. What hurt Nike was there advertisement in 2016 and 2017 about taking a knee in the national anthem. Nike sponsored a played who kneeled during the national anthem and consumers started boycotting the companies products and even burning every logo of the brand. This hurt Nike and that is when Under armour stepped up.




3.  Drawing major social and legal issues for online retailers.


Some major social issues with retailers is the reviews that anyone can look at. If you have someone who wrote a bad review and there's only one review your posting will show up last and wont have as much success as if it was on the top of the list with one good review. Also with social issues, companies are now expected to have a page of the company online and if you don't have it professionally done people will see that this company isn't as great as it seems to be. Some legal issues that retailers face is online ads or advertisement, if it is offensive, be prepared for a lawsuit from literally anybody that sees the add. Now there are many types of legal issues that the retailer can face and another one is copyright and patent issues. This can break a company by not being careful at other peoples patents.