Drake Schellbach

Chapter 7


  1. When looking at other classified horse websites, I noticed right away that Exchange hunter jumper is more user friendly than Dreamhorse.com. When comparing the two Dream horse is harder to go about the website on Exchangehunterjumper.com there is very nice labeling to get you around the website in a matter of seconds. The exchange hunter website offers things such as trainers to train the horse, as well as selling horses and barns, on Dream Horse you can only sell and buy horses you can sell or buy barns.


  1. The exchange brand got help from social media in promoting by having pop up adds on horse websites and had adds from people's search history, so that way the add hits people who would be interested in buying and selling horses. Youtube and facebook helped the exchange hunter jumper grow. Youtube had around 70,000 viewers and Facebook reached over 22,000 people.


  1. 1. Shop horses

2. Sell horses

3.show calendar

4. Sale barns




2. When looking at my facebook account I see adds about horse stuff now that I have done the first part of the assignment. Adds are coming up on how to train a horse and how to buy a horse. Looking further at selling a horse the company makes a commision off of you when you sell your house through their website. I can't make a list as I am not going to click on the add and get a virus this horse add doesn't even have a company name just says buy and sell horses in yellow bold letters. This ad is not appropriate for me I searched 1 time about horses for this assignment and now it has already shown on my pop up adds. No I don't see related horse adds when I search the web and go on Nike and Under armour.


3. For my two websites I picked Nike and Under Armour. Nike and Under Armour both use great engagement. Both get the buyers attention with a popular sport athlete that most people should know about if you watch a little bit of sports. Both of these websites are good at acquiring fans because they are using popular sports fans that little kids will like so they are into their products because they see a face that they like. What I would recommend for this website is nothing, they both engage the buyer/user and they both have great advertisement for their expected buyers.