Danie Weishaar

ITS 230

Module 1



1.      T

2.      F; An all-in-one does not contain a tower and instead uses the same case to house the display and the processing circuitry.

3.      F; A smartphone is an Internet-capable phone that usually also includes a calendar, and address book, a calculator, a notepad, games, and several other apps.

4.      F; Information conveys meaning to users, and data is a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video.

5.      F; Earbuds are a type of output device.

6.      F; A scanner is a light-sensing input device.

7.      T

8.      F; A solid-state drive is a storage device that typically uses flash memory to store data, instructions, and information.

9.      F; The Internet provides more than 3.5 billion home and business users around the world access to a variety of services.† The web is one of the widely used services of the Internet.

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1.      H

2.      A

3.      I

4.      F

5.      J

6.      G

7.      C

8.      E

9.      D

10.  B



Problem Solving

2. Bad Directions:† There are multiple things that could have gone wrong when your smartphone directs you in the wrong direction when driving.† One thing that could have happened is that the GPS could have disconnected on your phone, so it didnít know where you were, having you turn down the wrong roads.† If you are turning down a relatively new road, your GPS may not have registered the new road yet, causing you to turn another way.

3. Bank Account Postings:† There are different things that people can do to be up to date on their bank account balances.† Most banks offer mobile apps in which you can see all of your transactions made with your debit card.† One could then simply take the balance in their account and then subtract any pending transactions on the debit card (both the bank and the app should tell you your pending transactions) and then you will have your final account balance.† Pending transactions will usually take a couple of days to officially post.

6. Discarding Old Computer Equipment:† The first thing you would want to do is to wipe the hard drive or physically destroy it so that identity thieves canít take advantage of it.† To dispose of the computer it may be beneficial to check with the computer manufacturer to see if they have a program that will recycle computers and their components.† Sometimes the local community will have recycling day in which you can drop off all of your old electronics and they will properly dispose of them.† Another thing you could do is to donate the old computer to a charity that could reuse it.†

7. Dead Battery:† If you forgot your laptop charger there are several things you could do.† The first being you could go out and buy another charger to ensure that your laptop wonít die.† If thatís not an option, you could try to use your laptop minimally to ensure that you will have enough for your presentation.† If you donít want to risk that, I would suggest going somewhere that could allow you to use a computer (i.e. a library) and do your work on a desktop and email whatever you may need in the morning to yourself.

8. Incorrect Sign-In Credentials: †If signing in you find a message that says incorrect password, the first thing I would do is to try my password again to make sure that I didnít type it in incorrectly.† If you still canít get in, there is usually a small Ďchange passwordí link at the bottom of your desktop (assuming you are at work) in which you could change your password.† If nothing else is working, the last thing I would suggest is to contact your companyís IT department.† They can often override certain credentials to help you with any needs.


Internet Research

3. Search Skills: Selecting Search Terms

††††††††††† 1. Which English words are stop words for Google?

††††††††††††††††††††††† a.) Like, the, an, a, of, or, many, etc.

††††††††††† 2. What is the largest solid-state drive available?

††††††††††††††††††††††† a.) Samsung has unveiled the worldís largest solid-state drive that boasts 30.72 terabytes of storage

††††††††††† 3. How many hours per day on average do teens spend playing video games?

††††††††††††††††††††††† a.) On average teens play about an hour and a half a day playing video games (https://www.ign.com/articles/2016/12/21/teens-spend-25-times-more-of-their-time-playing-video-games-than-going-to-the-movies).† Another source said teens play about 6.3 hours a week playing video games (based on a 2014 study: http://time.com/120476/nielsen-video-games/)

††††††††††† 4. When is the next update to the Android mobile operating system expected to be released?

††††††††††††††††††††††† a.) The latest update to Androidís operating system is their Android Pie update.† This update was released on August 6th, 2018 and there is not yet a scheduled plan for the next update release.