Danie Weishaar

ITS 230

Module 10



1.       T

2.       F; Files on an intranet generally are not accessible from the Internet.

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6.       F; UWB does not require line-of-sight transmission, so its technology is more widespread than IrDA.

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9.       F; DSL is a popular digital line alternative for the small business or home user.

10.   F; A dial-up modem is a communications device that converts digital signals to analog signals and analog signals to digital signals, so that data can travel along an analog phone line.

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1.       F

2.       H

3.       G

4.       I

5.       J

6.       D

7.       A

8.       B

9.       E

10.   C


Problem Solving

1. Problems Exchanging Files: When you go to send a file over Bluetooth, your computer may not show up as an option to send the files to because you may not be connected or paired to your computerís Bluetooth.† If your computer is on and is paired with your phone, you should be able to send the files via Bluetooth.

3. Paired Bluetooth Devices: Your brotherís phone may not be connected to the carís Bluetooth at the time of the call.† If your phone is currently paired and connected to your car, your brotherís phone call wonít override your Bluetooth connection, so you wonít hear his call through the audio.

4. Slow Internet Connection: If you have not added any computers or devices to your home network but the speed is decreasing, what could be happening is that someone is using your network without you knowing. Often times people near your network will sign on to your Internet and use it without you knowing.† Another reason for a decrease in Internet speed could be related to bad weather.† Frequently Internet speeds and access can majorly decline if it is storming outside.

5. Wireless Network Coverage: What might be causing the network problems in your house is that wireless home network speeds and ranges often vary.† It may be normal to be able to have a great connection one day, and not be able to connect from the same place the next day.

10. Connecting Corporate Email: If you donít have the necessary information to be able to access the companyís remote officeís Internet, then you need to ask for the credentials.† Often times you are able to access the internet with a password, so you would need to ask for that password to be able to connect to the Internet, so you can check your email.


Internet Research

3. Search Skills: Map Search

††††††††††††††† 1.) Aerial and street view of your home

Aerial view

*Street view is not available for my home.†††††††††††







2.) Directions to a local store that sells wireless networking equipment











3.) Locations of your mobile service providerís retail stores in your current city












4.) Distance between Microsoftís headquarters in Redmond, Washington and Appleís headquarters in Cupertino, California