Danie Weishaar

ITS 230

Module 11



1.       T

2.       T

3.       F; In a typically database, the data is independent of, or separate from, the programs that access the data.

4.       T

5.       T

6.       F; Databases require more memory and processing power than file processing systems.

7.       T

8.       T

9.       T

10.   F; In a rollback, the DBMS uses the log to undo any changes made to the database during a certain period.

11.   F; PERT charts are better suited than Gantt charts for planning and scheduling large, complex projects.

12.   T



1.       G

2.       H

3.       I

4.       A

5.       B

6.       F

7.       C

8.       E

9.       J

10.   D


Problem Solving

3. Webpage Not Readable: One potential thing that could be happening if you are having trouble reading a webpage on your smartphone is that the webpage was not set up to be a responsive webpage.  If a webpage is not responsive, then it will simply look the same on all devices.  This could be causing you to have to zoom in on the text to read the webpage.

4. Inaccurate Credit Report: Unfortunately, some companies obtain your personal information, i.e. credit report, and sell and/or share that data with third party companies who will use it for various purposes.  This could have potentially been the case if you are seeing that other companies are viewing and accessing your credit report without your permission or knowledge.

5. Webpage Script: If you are receiving an error message on a webpage stating that the script on the page is taking longer than expected to run, there could potentially be a bug within the webpage.  The online form could have been set up incorrectly or uploaded to the webpage incorrectly causing the error message to appear.

6. Data Entry Issues: If the entire street name doesn’t fit in the text box, my first step would be to abbreviate the street names, such as changing Street to St. or Circle to Cir.  If this still does not work, I would contact either the company IT department or the people who created the database, to request that the number of characters allowed in the street field to be expanded.

7. Incorrect Postal Codes: If there are only four digits in a postal code, what could potentially be happening is that the number of characters allowed in that field are only four instead of five.  The field size would just simply have to be expanded to allow for five digits to show for a postal code.


Internet Research

1.       Making Use of the Web: Entertainment

a.       Locate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum website and:

                                                   i.      View the latest inductees

1.       The 2018 inductees include: Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, Nina Simone, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Cars, and The Moody Blues.

                                                 ii.      What is the total number of inductees?

1.       323

                                               iii.      Which artists have been inducted more than once?

1.       Jeff Beck, Johnny Carter, Eric Clapton, David Crosby, Peter Gabriel, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Curtis Mayfield, Paul McCartney, Clyde McPhatter, Graham Nash, Jimmy Page, Lou Reed, Gregg Rolie, Paul Simon, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Stephen Stills, Sammy Strain, Ron Wood, and Neil Young

                                               iv.      Describe two upcoming events

1.       Rock & Roll Holiday Ball on December 1st.  This is a holiday party the museum puts on in which they have food, drinks, and live performances.

2.       Elvis ’68 Comeback Special Anniversary Celebration with Steve Binder. This is an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ Comeback Special.  Steve Binder will speak about directing some of TVs greatest music moments.

                                                 v.      Which classes are being offered in the Rock and Roll Night School?

1.       “Shake, Rattle, & Roll”: The Building Blocks of Music

2.       Rock & Roll Band!: Meet the Instruments

3.       “Tell Me Something Good”: Music and the Language Arts

4.       The Roots of Rock & Roll: An American Journey

5.       Rock & Roll and the Science of Sound

6.       “The Message”: The Birth of Hip-Hop Culture

7.       Fight the Power: Music as a Social Force

b.       Locate the Internet Movie Database website

                                                   i.      Take the IMDb Internet Icon Quiz. What score did you earn?

1.       I could not find an Icon Quiz on the IMDb website.  I could only take a poll in which I would choose my favorite of something, in which is not considered a ‘quiz’.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe this quiz is still on their website.

                                                 ii.      What are three movies opening this week?

1.       Robin Hood

2.       Creed II

3.       Ralph Breaks the Internet

                                               iii.      What is the top news story of the day?

1.       The top news story of the day is that Pablo Ferro, the legendary title designer for ‘Dr. Strangelove’, died at the age of 83.

c.       Visit an entertainment website

                                                   i.      What content is featured?

1.       The website I visited is the E! News website (https://www.eonline.com/news).  The content that is featured is celebrity news.  They feature a lot of photos and articles talking about the latest celebrity news.

                                                 ii.      What categories are available?

1.       Latest news, People’s Choice Awards, Kardashians, photos, TV, Busy Tonight, and Royals.

                                               iii.      Are advertisements included in the content?

1.       There are a few advertisements included in the content.  Mostly the content includes a lot of pictures and a few featured links.

                                               iv.      Which content is available at no cost, and which requires a fee to access?

1.       All of the articles are available at no cost.  The only thing that requires a fee to access is the full episode of original E! TV shows.  To access the full episodes, you need to log on with your cable provider, otherwise there is no additional charge or fee.