Danie Weishaar

ITS 230

Module 12



1.       F; Useful information has meaning to the person who receives it.

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4.       F; The inexpensive cost makes drones ideal for cash-strapped or small-sized scientific or conservation use.

5.       F; In most circumstances, the software owner can make one copy of the software for backup purposes.

6.       F; The educational requirements for help desk specialists are less stringent than they are for other careers in the technology field.

7.       T

8.       F; Apps developed for a specific mobile platform or device generally will not work on another without significant modification.

9.       T

10.   F; Few professionals have the experience and skill set to take a certification exam without preparation.

11.   T

12.   T


1.       H

2.       B

3.       C

4.       J

5.       D

6.       I

7.       E

8.       G

9.       A

10.   F


Problem Solving

1. Keywords for Job Search: If I were looking for a job in which I would want to train people how to use computers and software I would use keywords such as: technology consultant, technology trainer, corporate trainers, and software consultant.

2. Online Job Search: In addition to looking on job search websites for available positions, another great resource is social media.† LinkedIn has a job board feature in which a lot of employers post on to gain applicants.† Other resources could include referrals from family or friends, or even the newspaper often has job postings in it.

4. Contemplating a Job Offer: In this situation, my advice would be to wait as long as possible before you accept the technical support representative job offer.† If that is not the type of job you are seeking, I would try and hold out for a different position.† However, in my opinion, I believe that accepting the technical support representative offer would be a good idea because it will help you gain experience and it seems like there would be a lot of room for advancement in a mid-sized company.

6. Staying Current with Technology: One way to stay current with the technology field is to read about it.† It would be wise to subscribe to a couple of trade publications which focus on technology.† These publications are a great source of information about what is going on within the industry.† Another way to stay current is to listen to various podcasts that talk about the technology field.

9. Tough Decision: First it would depend on how much the company would want to spend on the new employee.† If the company is willing to spend more money, I would hire the candidate with the certifications, if not, I would hire the candidate with more experience.† In todayís world, education is very important.† By holding several certifications, I think that it shows that you are capable, competent, and knowledgeable.† In the end, I believe that I would hire the candidate with the several certifications.


Internet Research

2. Social Media: Corporate Policies

††††††††††††††† a.) Locate at least two corporate policies for social media participation and summarize the requirements.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† b.) The first corporate policy for social media that I found was from Best Buy.† Their policy states that Best Buy does not want private information, regarding the business, made public.† Their employees also canít share the Best Buy logo or other items related to the company on their personal social media accounts.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† c.) The second corporate policy for social media that I found was from Ford.† Their policy is a little more lenient compared to Best Buyís.† Fordís policy states that they want their employees to use their common sense when it comes to social media.† They should understand what is and is not acceptable.† They also want their employees to be honest about who you are, and state that your opinions are your own, and use good judgment in sharing only public company information.

††††††††††††††† a.) Do you agree with the companiesí guidelines?

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† b.) I agree with both Best Buyís and Fordís policies regarding social media.† I understand that some companies are more flexible when it comes to personal technology use and social media.† It seems that Ford is a lot more flexible, and I liked the notation that they wanted their employees to use their common sense.† I think that it is a good rule of thumb to just be mindful about what you are putting on social media and think about how your words or actions are affecting the company you are working for.

††††††††††††††† a.) Are the policies too lenient or too strict?

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† b.) I donít think either policy is too lenient or too strict.† Fordís policy is much more lenient.† I could see where they could potentially have issues with telling people to use their common sense (not all people have the best common sense).† I think they are just trying to encourage a healthy and dynamic workplace for their employees, and this is one policy in which they felt they did not need to be too strict on.† I also donít think that Best Buyís policy is too strict.† They are concerned about their brand image and reputation, which is really important for a large company like Best Buy, so it makes sense that they have a stricter policy.

††††††††††††††† a.) What actions are taken if an employee fails to abide by the policies?

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† b.) I could not find what actions would be taken if an employee were to fail to abide by the policies for either company.† However, my guess would be that the employee would be asked to remove the social media post that did not fall within the guidelines.† They may also get let off with a warning and talked to about the companyís policy, or they could potentially be fired (depending on the severity of the post).

††††††††††††††† a.) In what ways may policies differ among various fields, such as in health care and education?

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† b.) I can see where policies would differ greatly between health care and education.† Health care employees such as doctors and nurses are seen as being professionals.† I think the health care sector would have stricter policies because your actions and words directly affect the reputation of the hospital or health care organization that you work at.† I believe the education sector would still have strict policies when it comes to social media, but schools such as colleges often use social media as an advertising and informational platform creating a possibly less strict policy than health care.