Danie Weishaar

ITS 230

Module 9



1.       F; An operating system often can run from a USB flash drive, in most cases, an operating system resides inside a computer or mobile device.

2.       F; The kernel is memory resident, which means it remains in memory while the computer or mobile device is running.

3.       T

4.       F; Most users today work with a graphical user interface.

5.       T

6.       T

7.       T

8.       T

9.       T

10.   F; Upward compatible means that an operating system may or may not run on newer versions of an operating system.

11.   F; Linux is not proprietary software

12.   T


1.       H

2.       I

3.       J

4.       F

5.       B

6.       E

7.       G

8.       D

9.       C

10.   A


Problem Solving

1. Difficulty Signing In to Operating System: If you have difficulty signing in to your operating system, I would first try to sign in again, just in case the password was mistyped.  Otherwise, I would try to reset the password to be able to get into the computer.

2. Missing Customization Settings: The operating system may have updated overnight or when the computer was restarted.  This could have caused your customized background and settings to go back to the default operating system screen.

8. Faulty Update: In this situation, my first step would be to go into the settings of the computer and change the setting that automatically updates the operating system.  By changing this setting, I could defer the update so that I won’t have issues with a program that I use daily.

9. Mobile Device Operating System Upgrade: If I am hesitant on installing an update to a work cell phone, my first step would be to ask if that is okay to do.  I would try and contact the IT department in my company and ask if they would like me to install the update.

10. Slow System Performance: If my work computer is running slow, the first step I would take is to close programs that I am not using so that my computer could run a little bit faster.  I would also try to close all programs that could be running in the background which could slow down the computer.  Otherwise, I would talk to the IT department to see if there are any other steps I could take to help my computer run faster.


Internet Research

2. Social Media: Blogs

                a.) The blog that I found was the Developers Blog for Android.  One article that I found interesting on this blog was “Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications”.  This article talked about how Nearby Notifications will no longer be sent out to Android users due to spammy notifications.  It also talks about how this change will affect Android users and the Developers.  The link to this blog and article is: https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2018/10/discontinuing-support-for-android.html