What would you do?

2. I would grant the three percent increase. An increase of three percent is the standard cost of living increase. The raise in pay for the employees would promote a better working environment and foster the growth of more productive employees. I feel these reasons are enough to justify the cost increase and potential for less profits to the board of directors.

4. This is a classic case of ‘if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’. I feel that giving a false review that makes the employee appear better than they really are is in the long run hurting everyone. If the employee is a subpar worker, it could result in lower profits, less contracts awarded, less expansion and growth, which will prevent the honest employees from achieving greater success.



1.      IBM – A Front-Runner in Sustainability


1.      The three most important factors that might have influenced IBM to start their sustainability programs include: the need to reduce toxic waste to protect the environment, the community has a better opinion of a company that is focused on the environment which will increase profits, and lastly, you have to spend money to make money. The money IBM has spent on their sustainability has been returned to them, and more, in the form of increased profits.


2.      IBM has reduced the amount of toxic waste they produce, they have increased the amount of toxic material they recycle and made improvements and innovations to alter the manufacturing process to utilize less harmful chemicals.


3.      IBM may leverage its sustainability to stay competitive by winning over the people. They will increase their market share because people what to do business with companies that are more ecofriendly.


2.      Ethical and Business Setbacks for Nokia


1.      I agree with Nokia’s decision to move from Germany to Romania and then Romania to Asia. If you as a company can produce your goods in another market for less, they should be able to. Outsourcing is nothing new, however, the fact that Germany had paid Nokia financial subsidies, I feel they should have waited for any agreements that were in effect to expire or exit the agreement in a more diplomatic manner rather than skipping town and being forced to repay. I feel their actions in Iran are borderline terroristic and they are a clear case of invasion of privacy. There customers place a huge level of trust in them, especially with such a personal device as a smartphone, they have betrayed that trust by handing over the keys to the kingdom to the Iranian government so they can monitor their people.  


2.      I feel their customers simply lost trust in them. They have proven that they can’t be trusted by handing over the required technologies to Iran to enable the monitoring of their citizens. When trust is breached in such manner, you take your business elsewhere and that’s why their market share and seen such a shape decrease.


3.      I feel that it shouldn’t be that difficult to implement an ethical company policy. Had they started from the top down and lead by example, there would have been different results. They chose to hide as much information as they could and have yet to release the findings of their internal investigation. If they would have gotten in front of the situation and admitted fault and devised a plan on how to prevent further occurrences they would have seen fewer losses.