What would you do?

3. Your friend has been active on the Wanelo social shopping site. He joined with a fictitious name and personal information, and is posing as a young twentysomething female. He is “following” half a dozen young women and making derisive comments on the collections of items they have saved. He has shown you a number of his postings and the associated— sometimes angry, sometimes hurt—responses. He invites you to join him in his charade. What would you do?

Well the first thing is that person is no longer my friend. I would let that ‘friend’ no how unacceptable their behavior is and that they should discontinue it. I would then contact the site and report the offending account in hopes that the site admin might ban their account and ban their IP address to help prevent further abuse.



6. You have just received a second invitation to join John’s friend list. You met John three weeks ago at a group study session prior to last semester’s Calculus II finals. He came across as very quiet and sort of strange. You did nothing to encourage his attention, but now you keep running into him at the oddest places and strangest times—at the self-service car wash, the 24-hour gym at 1:00 a.m., and the bakery at 7:00 a.m. He always flashes you a smile but has nothing to say. You think you’ve caught him taking snapshots of you a couple of times with his cell phone. He is starting to creep you out. What would you do?

I would confront this ‘John’ and ask him what his problem is. I would convey to him that I don’t enjoy his creepy behavior. There is not much I can do at this time about the pictures because he keeps making contact at public places. If the behavior continued after I have asked him to stop, I would inform the police and make a report to document the man’s behavior in case the behavior escalated into something that could be considered against the law.



1. Social Networks for Chronic Health Condition Sufferers

1. Imagine that your grandmother has suffered from asthma all her life and within the past year was diagnosed with type II diabetes. She has been quite depressed as she must now be extremely careful with her diet, administer insulin shots to herself before each meal, and take two types of oral medication. She hates sticking herself to take her sugar level two or three times a day and has found it difficult to watch her diet and keep her blood sugar level within normal ranges. Would you suggest she join a social network for people with diabetes? Why or why not?

Yes, I would encourage her to join any type of support group. A support group would allow her to share her experiences and difficulties with her condition with people who are facing the same types of challenges.


2. Do research and try to find social networks that are designed for people who suffer from alcohol, drug, or gambling addiction. Are there additional potential ethical issues for social networking sites targeted at those suffering from an addiction? Write a brief paragraph or two summarizing your findings.

I found a site that was devoted to assisting people who had the desire to quit smoking. The site provided support through discussions and provided information on products and devices that aid a person in quitting smoking. 


3. What issues might arise trying to discuss with your primary care physician an experimental treatment or drug you discovered on a social network? How might you be able to broach this topic without upsetting your physician?

The main issue I would be concerned with is if the medication or treatment is safe or not. I would not be concerned in the least bit about upsetting the primary care physician, that person is there to treat and support your decisions.


2. Facebook Raises Privacy Issues

1. Do you agree with Facebook’s philosophy of automatically enrolling users in new features without their knowledge or consent? Why or why not?

No, absolutely not. Facebook should adopt the ‘opt-in’ model for their new services. If they automatically enroll people in new services, the user could potentially have negative experiences that could have the potential to affect their longevity and business.


2. What concerns might a Facebook user have with the Tag Suggestions feature?

There are clear security, content, and privacy concerns that can result from the new Tag Suggestions feature.


3. Do you use the Facebook Photo Tag Suggestions feature? Why or why not?

No, I do not use Facebook’s Photo Tag Suggestions feature. I am not a very avid Facebook user and do not delve into some of their more obscure features.