Building An E-Commerce Presence: Web Sites, Mobile Sites, And Apps

Case Study


1.     When compared to traditional desktop customers, why are mobile phone users much more likely to book a room or airline reservation for the same day?

a.     I think the main factor in users of mobile phone being more likely to book a hotel or airline reservation might be sue to when desktop users are just browsing hotels and airlines while planning a vacation or trip whereas mobile phone users are on their phone because they need a reservation at that moment.

2.     In the mobile design project of 2011, why did Orbitz management decide to construct a mobile web site for corporate users rather than a native app?

a.     In the mobile design project of 2011, Orbitz management decided to construct a mobile web site for its corporate users rather than a native app because the site would be available from any web enabled device and would avoid the difficulties of developing and supporting mobile apps for each of the major platforms.

3.     Why has Orbitz decided to go with native apps for each mobile platform (iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire) instead of a single mobile web site as it did with the Orbitz for Business mobile site?

a.     Orbitz decided to create a mobile app for its users because of the speed and ease of use that a mobile app offered. Mobile apps avoid the user having to experience time-consuming and slow redirects to hotel and airline companyís websites.

4.     What issues does syncing recent user searches across devices pose?

a.     The main concern I would have when synchronizing userís data across multiple platforms would have to be privacy.


Chapter Questions

1.     What are the main factors to consider when developing an e-commerce presence?

a.     The main factors to consider when developing an e-commerce web site include Management, Software, Hardware Architecture, Design, Telecommunications, and Human Resources.

5.     Compare the costs for a system development and system maintenance. Which is more expensive, and why?

a.     When comparing the costs related to system maintenance and system development, system maintenance is the more costly option of the two. When factoring in the costs for system development, its mostly a onetime upfront cost whereas with system maintenance, you are continuously paying for costs related to repairs, breakdown, or upgrades.

10. Why is web server bandwidth an important issue for e-commerce sites?

††††††††††† ††††† a. Server bandwidth is an important issue for an e-commerce web site because the amount of bandwidth determine the amount of traffic the businessí site is able to handle. If there is not enough bandwidth, the business wonít be able to server their customers.

15. What are some of the policies e-commerce businesses must develop before launching a site, and why must they be developed?

††††††††††† ††† a. The policies an e-commerce site must be developed prior to launch are a privacy policy and an accessibility policy.

20. How does responsive web design differ from adaptive web delivery?

††††††††††† ††† a. The difference between responsive web design and adaptive web design is responsive web design adjusts to the users screen size whereas adaptive web design is designed to fit select predetermined screen sizes.


Project Question

1.     I built a site at Square Space, the link is: