Eli Ecklund

ITS 335-01

Web Page Authoring

Chapter 2

Design Project (p.40)


1.    Can you locate a description and keywords? If so, what are they?


·         Yes, I can locate both. The description states that Waterfield Designs (Sfbags) makes handcrafted American bags, backpacks, and sleeves for MacBook, laptops, ipod, iphones, smartphones, and gaming devices. The keywords that relate to the content of the website include words such as “briefcase”, “bags”, “backpacks”, etc.


2.    How many keyword terms do you find?

·         I found many keywords that sfbags.com is targeting. These keywords come from the meta keywords list provided by sfbags.com, as well as the content on the site itself.


3.    Is the description appropriate for the website? Why or why not?

·         Yes, the description directly relates to the website. The goal of the site is to sell handmade carrying cases of different shapes and sizes, so yes it is appropriate.


4.    Look at the number of keyword terms and words in the description. Is there an appropriate number?

·         Yes, the number of keyword terms and words in the description are indeed appropriate for the site.


5.    Type words “laptop bag” in the search text box for google.com, click a link in the list of results, and view the source code for that page. Do you see keywords and a description? Do any of them match the words you used in the search?

·         Yes, I see keywords and a description. The description states, “shop for laptop bags on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods.” So, as you can see, the words I used in the search can be found in the description.