Social Media Recommendations for New Harvest Food Bank Website


Why these options?

I recommend using Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to connect people with the food bank.  Facebook would cover the basic info about the New Harvest Food Bank, such as location and contact info.  Twitter would enable the food bank to send out announcementsand connect with volunteers.  Youtube would provide instructional videos on what to donate and promotional videos to encourage people to give to food drives, etc.







·         Easy to find info on business

·         No account needed to view info

·         Organize and promote events

·         Fast, easy way to broadcast news

·         Automated tweets

·         Instructional videos

·         Promotional content


·         Needs to be maintained regularly

·         If managed poorly, it will reflect badly on your business

·         Tweets may not actually be read due to crowded user feeds

·         Time consuming to reply to questions

·         Time consuming

·         Technical know-how needed