Pros and Cons of Security Protocol Technology

Security protocols are one of the most important things when it comes to opperating the internet in the modern era. There are many pros to security protocols and few cons.

Positive Impact of Security Protocols


Security Protocols allow us to do the things we do daily without having all of our sensitive data stolen. No security protocols makes Amazon the wild west with your credit card information up for grabs.


Security protocols allow us to work remotely. Without security protocols companies information would be in jepordy if someone needed to work on an important project from home over the weekend.


Secuirty protocols include things like tunneling protocols which allow VPNs to work. This means we can browse the web using a masked IP and can select our location. Therefore, any content restricted in a country can still be accessed with the press of a button.

Cons of Security Protocols


While created with good intentions, Security protocols allow people with ill intentions to use them to break the law. People can hack into networks and download illegal media without ever giving away their identity or location by using security protocols.