Hunter Wikstrom

ITS 370

Chapter 12



1. Search the Web for the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). In your own words, what is the forumís mission?

FIRST is a global response team that gives companies around the world access to an incident response team when they have a security incident. They can give companies best practices, tools, and secure communication with team members while helping the company maintain good security and peace of mind.

2. Search the Web for two or more sites that discuss the ongoing responsibilities of the security manager. What other components of security management can be adapted for use in the security management model?

A security manager is responsible for establishing network security policies and procedures. They also regulate access to information and train staff on the proper usage of information. This can all be added into an overarching security model that show best practices of how to achieve these things.



Discussion Questions

1. What area of the SP 800-100 management maintenance model addresses the actions of the content filter described here?

Identify change, change request, implementation decision, implement approved change request, and continuous monitoring.

2. What recommendations would you give SLS for how it might select a security management maintenance model?

I would suggest that SLS has a clear guideline on how to reach the companies goals. Make sure the maintenance model is well established because it will make it easier for the security team to understand and work with. Once everything is established and your goals are set you will be able to create a maintenance model around it.

Ethical Decision Making

Do you think this kind of action is unethical because Charlie knows he is leaving soon?

I donít believe this would be an ethical action to take. Just because Charlie is leaving the firm soon doesnít mean he should choose to ignore his responsibilities. If your team needs your help you should help them.