1.  Search the Web for the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). In your own words, what is the forumís mission?


-      To collaborate with others and share all of our thoughts, actions, and designs. Help and encourage policies. Create a safe and helpful environment for people to grow and learn.


3.  This chapter lists five tools that can be used by security administrators, network administrators, and attackers alike. Search the Web for three to five other tools that fit this description.


-      Nmap, Nessus, AttackAPI, Cal9000, Netcat, Paros, Wireshark, HWiNFO64, Registry Editor, PowerShell, UltraViewer.


Case Exercises

1.  What area of the SP 800-100 management maintenance model addresses the actions of the connect filter described here?


-      Management maintenance model works with business operations and configuration management.


2.  What recommendations would you give SLS for how it might select a security management maintenance model?


-      Middle to high end of security model.


Ethical Decision Making

1.  Do you think this kind of action is unethical because Charlie knows he is leaving soon?


-      Of course, this is unethical as he knows he wonít be there for the meeting and that also wrong to keep a important secret such as leaving the company and while he could train Kelvin for his position in the last weeks.