4.  Using the Internet, determine what applications are commercially available to enable secure remote access to a PC.


-      TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, RemotePC, PuTTY, SSH, NetCat, Proxychains.


5.  Using a Microsoft Windows system, open Internet Explorer. Click internet Options on the Tools menu. Examine the contents of the Security and Privacy tabs. How can these tabs be configured to provide: (a) content filtering and (b) protection from unwanted items like cookies?


-      Clear your browsing history then go Site Settings then Cookies and Site Data and click on ‘Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome’. And this should make it no cookies are saved but this does cost you in searching or logging in.


Case Exercises

1.  What questions do you think Kelvin should have included on his slide to start the discussion?


-      He should include the questions and differences between a Bastion Host and Screen Subnet. What’s the cost of each if we did perform this design plan?


2.  If the questions were broken down into two categories, they would be cost versus maintaining high security while keeping flexibility. Which is more important for SLS?


-      I personally feel high security should be their main priority as they have had many security breaches in the past months and if they don’t do this now they could be hit with a bigger and worse data breach than before.



Ethical Decision Making

1.  Is it unethical to produce a consulting report that steers a client toward a specific outcome?


-      It is wrong but also need to be done as she wants them to pick the more secure architecture than a weaker one and to make more money but that’s how people perform business but still wrong to do this.


2.  Further suppose that SLS management decided on the less expensive option solely to reduce costs without regard to the project’s security outcomes. Would she be ethically sound to urge reconsideration of such a decision?


-      No as she only made two version of the architecture: one weak and cheap and another secure and costly but could be need to push them to the higher security architecture. But she is ethically right to push for the other one.