1.  Go to a popular online e-commerce site like Amazon.com. Place several items in your shopping cart, and then go to check out. When you reach the screen that asks for your credit card number, right-click on the Web Browser and select “Properties.” What can you find out about the cryptosystem and protocols in use to protect this transaction?


-      You can find about the CA and the provider of the CA and cookies in use.


5.  Search the Web for “steganographic tools.” What do you find? Download and install a trial version of one of the tools. Embed a short text file within the image. In a side by side comparison, can you tell the difference between the original image and the image with the embedded file?


-      https://futureboy.us/stegano/. No, I couldn’t tell the difference between my photos. When looking at the pictures side to side I see nothing, but the computer shows what is different.


Case Exercises

1.  Was Charlie exaggerating when he gave Peter an estimate for the time require to crack the encryption key using a brute for attack?


-      No, Charlie wasn’t exaggerating the time it would take to crack the encryption key.


2.  Are there any tools that someone like Peter could use safely, other than a PKI-based system that implements key recovery, to avoid losing his passphrase?


-      Microsoft Azure, LastPass


Ethical Decision Making

1.  Would the use of such tool be an ethical violation on Charlie’s part? Is it illegal?


-      This would be an ethical violation as that means they don’t trust their employees but as a business I could see this as important as you never know if your employees will turn against you. It is legal to use in a business.


2.  Suppose that Charlie had implemented the key logger with the knowledge and approval of senior company executives, and that every employee had signed a release that acknowledged the company can record all information entered on company systems. Two days after Peter’s call, Charlie calls back to give Peter his key: “We got lucky and cracked it early.” Charlie says this to preserve Peter’s illusion of privacy. Is such a “little while lie” an ethical action on Charlie’s part?


-      Yes, to keep the business stable and to keep trust in the business. I personally would be fine with that as that’s how the world of privacy would work in a business. The employees even signed a release form which they could of declined to sign