Chapter 3: Akamai Technologies

Case Study:

1.      Why does Akamai need to geographically disperse its servers to deliver its customersí web content?

The founder of Akamai had a thesis, while in graduate school, that by storing web content in multiple locations throughout the net, will increase the pace that the webpage will load. The company developed 240,000 servers in 130 countries within over 1,700 networks around the world. These servers allow for the block of security threats and provide comprehensive knowledge of network conditions and provides optimization. These servers allow companies to access servers from nearby locations and increase the speed of their webpages.

2.      If you wanted to deliver software content over the internet, would you sign up for Akamaiís service? Why or why not?

Akamai has noticed that along with the increase in internet usage has led to an increase of cyber crime which include: politically motivated cyberattacks, organized crime online, and state-sponsored cyberwarfare. These cyber attacks may happen to companies such as Akamai. Although they have been improving their cyber protection, I donít believe that transferring sensitive software is a good idea due to these breaches. If a breach was to occur and software was spread throughout the market then there is no market power that the software had once produced.

3.      Do you think Internet users should be charged based on the amount of bandwidth they consume, or on a tiered plan where users would pay in rough proportion to their usage?

I believe that users should be charged on the tiered plan since charging the exact bandwidth can get lucrative. A tiered based allows flexibility and will allow the users to understand which tier they expect to fall in and save money. However, this can hurt someone depending on the tiered price if the people are not using the internet that much.


Project Questions:

1.      Apple Watch: What developments have occurred since this case was written in August 2018?

Since 2018 there have been multiple different watches that have been trying and succeeding in entering the market. Watches that are directed towards fitness, notifications, and much more are considered significant due to their cheaper costs and activity specific activities that draw users towards their watches. Apple is also releasing IOS6 that allows users to download tens of thousand of apps directly to the wrist. Siri can also tell you information about the app or click and read about it from your wrist. This watch can also track pollution for the day and VO2 that the body is producing through walking. There are also apps that are directed towards specific genders, hearing apps that track dangerous levels of noise, enhanced siri, and new watch faces.


2.      Investigate the Internet of Things. Select one example and describe what it is and how it works.

The IoT is the connection of all devices that make up the internet. One such device are cellphones that are connected to the internet and allows users to connect to other users throughout the world. Not only do they allow users to connect to each other, but they also allow research and searching for other items. There is an interconnection between devices throughout the world and connecting people together throughout the world. Cellphones are just one of many examples that make up the internet of things.