Communication has been the backbone of our society and has allowed advancements that were not possible thousands of years ago. From the first alphabet to the smartphone, our society has been evolving to adapt to new surroundings and is taking full advantage of this technology. Communication technology has seen the largest improvement in the last century that has introduced hundreds of new ways to communicate with eachother across the planet.

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Early Communication

The earliest style of communication was from the cavemen, who would sit around a campfire and discuss the days’ events. About the equivalent to todays’ social media, this was the most efficient way at the time. However, caveman soon began to adapt and started to draw on walls as a way to display imagery, tell stories, and record events.


The first alphabet was introduced around the 8th century BCE in Greece through the refinement of the Phoenician alphabet.

Long Distance

The Native American people sought a way to extend their communication ability and achieved this through smoke signals. During the next few milleniums humans used a variety of long distance communication that was labor intensive including: Courier pigeons, Pony express, and signal technology.

Modern Technology

The first step towards modern day communications came in 1844. During this time the telegraph was invented and revolutionized the way that our society has communicated and obtained information. During the 1800s technology including the radio and telephone were invented, which laid the ground for our current infrastructure in technology.


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