Joshua Hogan

Chapter 4 Assignment

Case Study Questions

1.       Why did Dick’s decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce business?

-          Dick’s decided to leave eBay because they were giving up too much revenue to them. They had grown to a size where they were somewhat getting ripped off because according to the contract, eBay made the same commission no matter what product was sold. They were able to customize their site the way they wanted to in order to separate themselves from the rest of the field. On top of that, they saved millions of dollars in revenue that they would have lost in the contract that they had with eBay. May other e-commerce businesses made the same move to separate from external vendors so they could keep more revenue.

2.       What is Dick’s omnichannel strategy?

-          This contains many features and moving parts. One, they were shipping the online orders from the physical Dick’s store locations. They basically made their stores distribution centers. This increased efficiency greatly. “Approximately 80% of its online orders were shipped from the closest Dick’s store to the person that ordered it. Customers are also able to order products online and go pick them up at the nearest Dick’s store. They also launched a new proprietary e-commerce platform in 2017 which helped with sales.

3.       What are the three steps in Dick’s migration to its new website?

-          The steps that Dick’s had to take to migrate to the new system was that they had to integrate new legacy systems without losing access to information, hire new employees to manage that system, and avoid other delays, cost overruns and outages. They also made the two smaller companies of Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream easily accessible.

4.       What are the primary benefits of Dick’s new system?

-          The primary benefits of Dick’s new system are that they were able to create the site the way they wanted to. They would make it more convenient for customers and easy to navigate compared to competitors. Customers also had the ability to order online and pick up at the nearest store, the ability to ship from or to a store. Thy could also test different marketing strategies and pricing approaches while having better analytics capabilities.


2. Visit several e-commerce sites..

                - I visited several e-commerce sites and the one that I really liked was Bodybuilding has everything laid out in a properly formatted setting. They have tabs on one side, a search function, contact information and fitness programs. All of this is extremely easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. I also visited there mobile app. This looks different but is still extremely simple to use. If I were to design a website, I would try to make it as easy for the customers like Bodybuilding does.

3.  Imagine that you are in charge of a fast-growing e-commerce company

                - I would build the website myself and possibly reach out to an external vender to make sure that my site will be compatible with every web browser so anyone can access it. I would utilize the F-pattern for the site so it is easy to navigate and broken down as simply as possible for the customers to use. I would ensure that it is quick to browse, has a search function, and that every link in the site works while also having contact information for any customer service question needed. Those are the things I would do because those are the things that I look for while using an e-commerce platform.