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THE Evolution Of Operating SYSTEMS


ITS 380 Global E-Commerce 2019 Business.

Technology. Society

Assignment: (Please click in the hyperlink to view the assignments)

Chapter1: The Revolution Is Just Beginning

Chapter2:Chapter2: E-commerce Business Models and Concepts

Chapter3: E-commerce Infrastructure: The Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform

Chapter4: Building an E-commerce Presence: Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps

Chapter5: CH5 E-commerce Security and Payment Systems

Chapter6: E-commerce Security and Payment Systems

Chapter7: E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts

Chapter8: Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in E-commerce

Chapter9: Online Retail and Services

Chapter10: Online Content and Media

Chapter11: Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals

Chapter12: E-commerce: Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Commerce


ITS 335 Web page Authoring

Assignment: (Please click in the hyperlink to view the assignments)

Chap1: HTML Introduction to the Internet and Web Design

CH1 Lab1: HTML City Farmer Home Page

WCH1: Boon Mountain Resort

WCH1-Lab1: Kickstands Bike Shop

Chap2: HTML Building a Webpage Template with HTML5

CH2 Lab1: HTML City Farmer 02

WCH2: Working with images and links


Chap3:HTML Enhancing a Website with Links and Images

CH3 Lab1: City Farmer 03

WCH3: Working with Templates and Styles

WCH3: Lab 3-1 Park Site



EXAM1: apply2-1solution.html


Chap4: Applying CSS Styles to Webpage

CH4 Lab1: cityfarmer04

WCH4 Creating Styles and Layout with CSS

WCH4: Lab4-1 Photo Site



Chap5: Responsive Design Part 1: Designing for Mobile Devices

CH5 Lab1:fbstyles

WCH5 Working with Data Tables and Inline FramesWCH5 Working with Data Tables and Inline Frames

WCH5: Lab5 Mike's Photography


Chap6: CH6 Responsive Design

CH6: Lab1 HTML

WCH6: Wisteria

WCH6: Lab6 Senior


Chap7: improving web design with new page layouts

Ch7: Lab1 HTML

WCH7: Working with forms (Wisteria)

WCH7: Lab7




Chap8: Creating tables and forms


Wch8: Building a Web Site with CSS-Based Templates



Chap9: Integrating Audio and Video


Wch9: Testing and Publishing Your Web Site

Wch9: lab1


Chap10: HTML



Chap11: HTML



EXAM 3- Part2






ITS 360 Ethics in Information Technology

Assignment: (Please click in the hyperlink to view the assignments)


Ch1 : An Over View of Ethics (Due 2/1/2019)

Ch2 : Ethics for IT Workers and IT Users (Due 2/8/2019)

Ch3: Cyberattacks and Cyber Security (Due 2/15/2019))

Ch4Ch4: Privacy (Due 3/1/2019)

CH5: Freedom of Expression (Due 3/1/2019)

CH6: Intellectual Property (due 3/15/2019): Intellectual Property (due 3/15/2019)

CH7:Ethical Decision in Software Development (Due 3/29/2019))

CH8: The Impact of Information Technology on Society

CH9: Social Media

CH10:Ethics of IT organizationn

------------Final Presentation-------5/6/2019






Moto: Let's build a sustainable world, use less fossil fuel, use less plastics, be environmental friendly, make wiser decission and live well. We only have one life that we know of... This is what it is... the present is where you are in.... your decission and choises is what the future unfolds.  Value your surrounding, but not the 2X4 inch screen that blinds your senses.

















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