Lab 1: Determining the Best Social Media Outlets for the New Harvest Food Bank Website Problem: You volunteer at a local food bank called New Harvest Food Bank that collects community food donations and provides food and other services to those in need. The company has asked you to create a responsive website. You have already created the website but now need to research how to promote the food bank using social media. Instructions: Perform the following tasks:

1.       Research information about the best social media options for a food bank.

Ans: Facebook could be one of the best social media options to reach more people.

2.       Determine the top three social media options.

Ans: Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

3.       Explain why the food bank should use your recommended social media options.

Ans: Foodbank provides better health benefits info with exercise and diet, so it is recommended.

4.       Provide a list of pros and cons for each social media site that you recommend.

Ans: Facebook is the best, I think. Instagram, I think has too many adds that people just skip.