Jeetendra Karki (ITS 360)

Chapter 1


Assignment: p33-39, Answer any two questions of ďWhat would you do?Ē and answer Critical thinking questions of Two Cases.



What would you do Questions:

Question 1:


Finding the right candidate based on only experience and knowledge is not the best track to take in when the organization lacks to view the personal behavior, morality, integrity and ethics.

When talking with the manager, the screening process to add a third review are to find the right candidate for the job is as by following the five-steps-decision making process is as follows:

1.      Defining the problem: getting the right person for work is not just about experience and knowledge but also is more upon persons character. Is the person mentally and ethically fit for the job to make the right decision with integrity and morality? This is the case that is going to determine how effective and productive our organization can be.

2.      Identifying alternatives: The area of alternative for recurring that would work after talking to the team about it is that If we add a third area of review for processing candidate to hire the right person based on their honesty and integrity will help a lot to find the perfect employee.

3.      Choosing the alternative: By adding this third area we, not only the organization but the work environment will benefit from it. We will be able to find a worker who can do the job right with ethics and morality. This will help the work space. we will have series of task that calculates a person performance in terms of decision making and how the person thinks about making the right or wrong choices. This will measure the person mental rough score to see he/she is healthy enough to provide a friendlier work environment and get the work done with in regulation.

4.      Implementing the decision: As we implement the decision, no one would/should be judged on their sex, race, country of origin. It is a fair and transparent solution for the right candidate. We will add the third are of review only after the person completes the first two and then moves to the next level of scanning that we call third area.

5.      Evaluation: This will have a great outcome, people might be surprise at first to see the new test that takes in place when the transition happens. The good thing is that it would not be against them, it would be upon how they react to the scenarios that includes decision making which has questions that has morality and ethics to make sure if they follow and conduct those action with in the criteria. After this we can recruit the right candidate for the job who has skills, knowledge and has good honesty and morality.





Job searching has always been the hardest part in undergrad and grads life. Finding and landing in the right place is hard. Talking about the resume if we follow the five-steps-decision making process then it is possible to make the resume look professional with the work that you have done which is essential might get me an invitation for the work:

1.      Defining the problem: There is thousands of students like me graduating and applying for the job in the same field. Companies usually look for someone with experience, and me having only the project experience is something that fulfills the requirement but is still not strong enough. Projecting your self in a way where the company seeís your project in such a way that it looks like a work that has great load and value is the hard part in my resume to make it sell.

2.      Identifying alternatives: The alternative to fix my resume is to include my project that I did at my brother in law consulting firm as a work that I was hired for even if it was a short-term contract. This will enable the people who looks in to the resume find that I have had worked.

3.      Choosing the alternative: Choosing this alternative will rise questions, but it will also give a chance for me to get interviewed cause that matters a lot on whether you will or will not get a job. Most decision are made during interview so if I will get a chance to talk to the person then I will be able to answer and show my knowledge and experience of my study and work that Iíve done.

4.      Implementing the decision: Adding my work experience in the Resume should be in the category as work experience with a date that Iíve worked from. I do have to notify that I am applying for the job and the company might ask for reference. Adding the skills that I used for the project that I did in the constitution firm will help look the resume better.

5.      Evaluation: I will be the one who will be evaluated but, I fell it will have a fair result cause its not a lie, itís a project/work that I worked where I have to use my skills and knowledge that I learned from the university and writing that in the resume is a way for me to be noticed among thousands of applicants who may or may not have similar resume and experience. The bad part about it is that I should not lie on what I know or not because I could be caught if my information is fake, I need to expand the knowledge section that I have by writing more about it.


Critical Thinking Questions of two cases:


Case 1: VW cheats on emission testing




I donít accept the explanation of the scandal at VW because itís a fraud work that they did. They hide the bad emission when the car is being tested and then sold 11 million cars with the fraud emission system to give good result. This is a direct criminal offence to the world, the environment and the regulation. This must be addressed, and the explanation is not something that should be forgiven even hearing the explanation.




Three specific actions that the new CEO must do to change the corporate culture at VW are:

1.      All the 11 million car needs to be updated to make the emission clean even if it burns more gas to reduce the emission.

2.      The VW CEO now should give hopes to the company that it will start manufacturing proper car without cheating anyone.

3.      The VW CEO must have a new updated system and checking system to see if there is any possibility in the possible scandal in the future.




Yes, Bosch should be fined as he was the gateway to provide the engine control unit that VW programmed to emission scandal that set the emission to 40 times than normal diesel car. He should be fined since he was the one who was the supplier and must have seen what was going on.




Case 2: Toshiba Accounting scandal




Yes, the investigation should have carried us until all involved parties are outed and punished. This is important because it will hint that everyone should follow rules and should not fraud the system for hiding the profit money to put it in their pocket. The cons are that it might take a lot of time, it might cost a lot of money for the investigation, wrong people might be punished for unknowingly doing it. The props are that it will be possible to find the subjects who committed the scandals and some of the money can be returned.




I think appointing the outside panel to investigate is a good idea as it will be able to work properly without any stop. The investigation will go to the root but wonít see the post of the person it is investigating or the power of the person.




To have a better transparency and gain the trust level of foreign investor, fixing the Toshiba scandal will help a lot. This will ensure that the foreign investor will, and local investor will be aware that the criminals will be found sooner or later and this will make sure the investor can invest as the companies will now think and do the accounting work properly.