Jeetendra Karki (ITS 360)

Chapter 5


Assignment: p213-216, Answer any two questions of “What would you do?” and answer Critical thinking questions of Two Cases.



What would you do Questions:



Question 1:

Answer1: I run a small bakery and I am shocked to see the negative reviews of my bakery on yelp, I now have a strong suspicion that it is written by a neighbor with whom I have had lots of disagreements. Now by following the five-steps-decision making process is as follows:

1.      Defining the problem: The next day I saw him in the streets with strong suspicion in my mind that he is the one who did the negative review about my small bakery.

2.      Identifying alternatives: My alternatives are going towards him and ask if he has done review about my bakery or let it go.

3.  Choosing the alternative:  I would behave nicely and talk to him.  

4.  Implementing the Decision: I will be like, hi and apologize about the disagreement that we have had, I wouldn’t pull out the review question because it is only my suspicion. I would ask him to visit my bakery sometime for food.

5.  Evaluation: by doing this, I am maintaining and possibly saving the relation to make it better with my neighbor. If he did that and we now become friends, he could possible remove the bad reviews and we will be friends instead of people arguing.



Answer4: If I have received a hate of email threatening physical violence towards me at school or at work then I will deal with it by following the five-steps-decision making process is as follows:

1.      Defining the problem: The problem is very severe where I am getting physical violence threat towards me through email.

2.      Identifying alternatives: My alternatives are I would go to the department chair.  

3.  Choosing the alternative: By doing this I will make sure this is known by people.

4.  Implementing the Decision: By implementing this I will be in a position where now my safety is a priority for the department and they will deal with the person who said that and will get serious consequences leading to police.

5.  Evaluation: This is a safe way to tackle the issue as this will ensure that I will be safe when I am being threatened by someone, the department will or can kick out that person and even get police warning if anything will happen with me in the future, he/she will be taken under custody.



Critical Thinking Questions of two cases:


Case 1

Question 1.

Answer 1.  I visited the site and saw interesting posting over a period of weeks with lot of interesting comments. I think Techdirt is an important independent media resource that is for sure worth protecting and should not be subject to strong scrutiny and pressure to shut down. They have very valuable and recent news of the things that is happening and is a great platform to stay updated.


Question 2.

Answer 2.

After visiting the site, I was impressed and interested to see the video and the proof of the work he has done on how he created email. He has a strong and convincing argument for sure with the development he did and the evidence he has for it.


Question 3.

Answer 3.

Masnick must find evidence to prove that email is not owned by him whereas Ayyadurai must prove to the attorney that he is the creator with more details in the court. Yes, I think demanding to take down the site of Masnick is a winning strategy as it is a way to influence people that action is being taken and attempt has been made to prove who is the inventor of email.


Case 2



Question 1.

Answer 1.  The alternatives I would say is that the country should not block the sites and links, they should give a person a freedom of what they want to see and watch, the alternative is to let the people see and search and look whatever they like to do with the internet. This change will let people to feel more in control as time will help it to be a part of like as it is for the rest of the world.


Question 2.

Answer 2. Global internet users will not be happy when the censors take control of what is being posted by a user as it is totally against the law for free to speak and write. It should only focus on terrorist or any kind of attack that can cause an imbalance in the society which should be censored so, companies should think about the merits and demerits before entering the Chinese market if they can provide what they are asking for.  


Question 3.

Answer 3.  Yes, I think freedom of expression is a must for everyone, in the internet I see that if you type or say something bad, you will be reported and your channel or comment can be put down.