Jeetendra Karki (ITS 360)

Chapter 1


Assignment: p351-354, Answer any two questions of ďWhat would you do?Ē and answer Critical thinking questions of Two Cases.



What would you do Questions?

Question 1:


By following the five-steps-decision making process is as follows: I would tell my manager that we/I canít do that as I am only a worker here and canít do a fake publicity. I would actually encourage the manager to fix the stuff like get a better dish menu, re-price the food, change the carpet and repair the booth and then the publicity will automatically come through customer through their experience. We can have a tablet checkout paying system where they can write the feedback.  




By following the five-steps-decision making process is as follows: since the person is a new employee, I would wait until we break the ice (actually talk) in person at work. This way I donít have to accept the friend request until he/she becomes in person friends with me. If that person will ask about the friend request, then I will say I didnít recognize or knew you, so I havenít added you as a friend.


Critical Thinking Questions of two cases:


Case 1: CDA Protects Social Media Companies


Answer1: I donít think Social media companies are doing enough to shut off the communication of terrorist groups, Strict rules and regulation and pressure should be applied from the government side to not to let the terrorism publicize them self to people to share the message of their terrorist act to encourage and recruit potential terrorist. They should use more workforce to filter the activity.



Answer2: Yes, US anti-terrorism law should take precedence over the safe harbor; provisions of the communication decency Act in terms of terrorism/terrorist using the social media and some censored criminal post and videos.



Answer3: Pulse Lawsuit has been dismissed, the government has planned to build a museum and provide endorsement to the 49 victimís family. I think this is not enough, they should do more investigation and increase the level of security to not to let this happen again. They should band guns public.



Case 2: Google Losing Revenue in Dispute over Placement of Ads



Answer1: Yes, Google should be more active in censoring its content providers to filter the unwanted contents in the media. Since google has been working with AI to stop this, Google can run afoul of Title II and still it wonít lose its user as it will only scan and filter the terrorism and those users that cause pain in the society and life of others.



Answer2: Google can hire more workforce and use AI to filter the content that is disgraceful and harmful to viewers. The AI can select the video with majority of dislikes and hateful comments and then the personal can remove it if it has violated the human right/content in the video.  



Answer3: Yes, google should provide advertisers a guarantee about what type of content their ads will appear next to, the way it can be written is using the words/tags that defines the ads that is being searched so it pulls the data/ads like that.