Jeetendra Karki (ITS 380)

Chapter 1


Assignment: p50-52


Q.1 Why does Pinterest view google as its primary competitor?

Ans: Pinterest is a social media platform which uses GIFís, images, videos for search purposes to find and curate information in the web similar to google who does the same but, Pinterest is more for idea which they are getting better at and google is for information that's why Pinterest view Google as a primary competitor.

Q.2 why does Pinterest focuses on smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

Ans: The Software that is used by Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool, most people use smartphones today to scroll through pages upon pages thatís why Pinterest is focused on developing smartphone platform for them.

Q.3 Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

Ans: As of now, there has been some issue as the copyright infringement is posing a potential issue when a user is posting copyright files from other users without any rights. This is causing the site to have a forceful removal of those files. 




Ans: Looking at the history of how e-commerce expanded from 1995 to 2018, the first ATM machine, goods you can buy online, the evolution of Amazon and eBay, and later in 2009 how HBO-go and different streaming channel expanded with everything from shows to movies now you can buy online. Till 2018 this has already been a great leap for mankind in e-commerce and internet. Everything is in cloud today and weight less for people to carry their collection of everything they can imagine. In the next 5 years, I think e-commerce will have even a giant leap. I believe that e-commerce today is in a transition from better to the best possible state. Everything you can imagine will go on cloud and web. In the next five years, I believe that you will be able to work from anywhere not just remotely but, be present at work with hologram taking in the market. I think everything will be online, even gaming and computer system. At home, you will only have a device to get you connected and you can stream games, windows os, mac os all the workstation work in cloud. E-commerce will have driverless car and taxi system and drones that pick you up and the packages and delivers you and also the packages at home. E-commerce will make virtual reality a real world for people. They will have their own world, life wonít be distinguishable from virtual reality world. 


Ans: Like mentioned in the above question, E-commerce has been using social media as their biggest platform for getting bigger public and sales than ever before. Today. In this question I would like to talk about Instagram on how it is a E-commerce market place. Instagram has over 1 billion peopleís account who uses their service to stay connected to people and the world. Instagram is so famous that it's so easy to get in touch with your favorite celebritiesí lifestyleís how they live and what they do day to day. E-commerce has played a big role in the Instagram marketplace. Itís been posting ads, paid sponsorship through people who have huge number of followers, people publicizing brands and sharing the links for the e-commerce site of companies. This has been there all the time, as Instagram is able to get so many publics to get attention to their goods. Companies are also hiring people who have huge number of followers to share their brand info like wear their clothing, try their car, eat at their restaurant to promote the companyís logo and attract a regular to rich people by leaving that imprint. Companies do have their own Instagram site where they have tons of followers to sell their product more.