Case Study Questions

1.     What are three challenges that Netflix faces?

Ans: They are:

a.      No more subscription left in the US.

b.      International growth won’t be easy, either.

c.       Reliance on media companies.

2.     What are the key elements of Netflix's strategy today?

Ans: They are:

a.      Internationalization and localization strategy.

b.      Diversification strategy through content production.

c.       Marketing strategy and marketing activities.

d.      Technological strategy and capability building.


3.     Why is Netflix in competition with Apple, Amazon, HBO, and Google, and what strengths does Netflix bring to the market?

Ans: Because, Apple owns iTunes, media app for movies and music videos, amazon owns amazon primes and amazon music, google owns google play for music, movies and tv shows so as HBO owns Tv series and movies… all of them has a similarity like Netflix.




2. Go to Amazon and explore the different digital media products that are available. For each kind of digital media product, describe how Amazon's presence has altered the industry that creates, produces, and distributes this content. Prepare a presentation to convey your findings to the class.

Ans:           Amazon offers three sorts of fundamental advanced media: music, video, and e-books. In music and video, it has both a la carte buys of physical items (CDs and DVDs), a la carte downloads of single tunes or appears, additionally gushing of music and a few recordings. It offers e-books as it were for its restrictive Encourage stage. Amazon’s physical items trade has to a great extent devastated record stores and music rental stores. Its effect on motion picture DVD deals has bolstered the Hollywood show based on the tall benefits of DVDs. Its spilling video benefit includes generally more seasoned titles and tv appears and underpins income to the motion picture industry for its backlist of more seasoned titles, which are as well ancient for cable.


5.     In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch, which lets users stream their video game sessions, for almost $1 billion. Why would Amazon spend so much money on Twitch? Create a short presentation either defending the purchase or explaining why you think it was a bad idea.

Ans:    Twitch, which lets users stream their video game sessions, has more than 55 million monthly active users and has raised $35 million since debuting in 2011. Over the past three years, the San Francisco-based company has become the ESPN of the video game industry, where viewers go to watch live footage of video games being played.

 The reason amazon might have brought twitch is because:

1.     Make a ton of money.

2.     Integrate twitch into amazon.

3.     Make a big splash into the gaming world.

4.     What about interactive streaming games?