CH4 Building an E-commerce Presence:

Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps


Answer Case Study- Dick’s Sporting

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Case Study Questions: 


1.Why did Dick’s Decide to leave eBay and take over its own e commerce operation?


According to Dick's controlling its e-commerce operations and launching its own platform will improve profit margins because it'll pay less to eBay Enterprise, formerly GSI Commerce, in fees. The catch is that expenses in headcount, technology as well as shipping expenses could go up.

2.What is Dick’s omnichannel strategy? 

Ans: Dick’s omnichannel strategy is to provide three main things, core execution in e-commerce and in-store capability, to leveraging its expertise and improve productivity… Dick’s uses its physical stores as mini-distribution centers which fulfills online orders from local and regional customers from physical stores located nearby.  The stores can also act as showrooms for its products, and customers could pick up online orders in nearby stores the same day which is very convenient. 

3.What are the three steps in Dick’s migration to its new website?

Ans: The three steps are as follows:

1. Developing the new website and using it with their current systems.

2.  Moving its smaller brands to the new platform and continuing to develop the new platform.

3. Moving its main website, Dick’s Sporting Goods, onto the new platform.


4.What are the primary benefits of Dick’s new System? 

Ans: They are: people can buy online and pick stuff and goods in store. They have in hand experience in store and testing platform to find the right kind. Better website and customer support with multichannel. Have good quality goods. 



2. Visit several e-commerce sites, not including those mentioned in this chapter, and evaluate the effectiveness of the sites according to the 8 basic criteria/functionalities listed in Table 4.11. Choose one site you feel does an excellent job on all aspects of an effective site. 


I choose site because it is a well-established e-commerce site that has a lot of amazing products… it especially focuses only in clothing and accessories. There is redundant navigation because there is alternative navigation to the same product/content and easy to purchase.

PowerPoint Presentation of the Website (Please click here to download)


3. Imagine that you are in charge of developing a fast-growing start-up’s e-commerce presence. Consider your option for building the company’s e-commerce presence in-house with existing staff, or outsourcing the entire operation. Decide which strategy you believe is in your company’s best interest and create a brief presentation outlining your position. Why choose that approach? And what are the estimated associated costs, compared with the alternative?


I would create the start-up with existing staff rather than outsourcing the whole operation. In the event that my company is in charge of that operation, I would need to demonstrate the quality and esteem of my company, and I don't need to take off the notoriety of my company in somebody else’s hands. In the event that I had a company of this kind, I would make beyond any doubt I am encompassed of proficient that can perform an extraordinary work and illuminate our customer’s necessities. Outsourcing ought to be done for basic operation, for case, it does make sense that companies outsource the generation of the components that they got to construct a computer, but they don't outsource the complete operation. On the off chance that my staff does the work we would have control of the whole operation, coordinate contact with the customer, and have distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved">a stronger result. On the other hand, in the event that an outsourced company does the work, they will work quickly to have it done as soon as conceivable to urge pay, and you are doing not need your company to be known as a company that does not care about the client. Perhaps able to spare a few cash in the event that you outsource the operation, realize more websites to other companies, and make more cash but the picture of the company, within the long run, would be harmed and no one will contract our services.