Case Study:

1.  Who are the three major players in the mobile payment market?


1. Innovative companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and PayPal.

2.Credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Find, and American Express. 

3. Cash center banks like JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, etc.


2.  Who are the largest adopters of mobile payment system?

Ans: PayPal is I think the largest adopter so as Millennials, they have grown up with technology with time. They are really good for online ecommerce for users. They are also very useful when you don’t know if the seller is reliable and paypal provides that benefit of getting money back if there is a scam.  


3. Why are digital wallets provided by Apple, Google, and Samsung not growing as fast as expected?

Ans: The Digital wallet are not growing as fast as expected because its new and people already have credit and debit card laying in their wallets. They are slower in adoption because the stores are still in process adapting it slowly. This makes it hard for people to have it. There is not a lot of difference with having credit and debit card. 


4. What is Zelle and why did it grow so fast in the last few years?

Ans: Zelle is one of the fastest growing consumer financial brands in history. Zelle today is exploring ways to expand its consumer base as well as the range of ways to consumers wants. Zelle allows the bank to very easily manage their money and transfer money to other account using just an app and vice versa. Because the payments were instantaneous, this was one of the biggest reasons having people attracted to it. This is adopted thought out many banks. 



1.     Imagine you are the owner of an e-commerce Web site. What are some of the signs that your site has been hacked? Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage to your site. Prepare a brief summary presentation.

Ans: As an owner of an e-commerce website… I observe some relevant signs that the site has been hacked. For me to determine the types of attacks, I could see that the number of views and users has increased dramatically. Also if the website performs in an unusual way and the site is not working properly that this is another type. The content can be modified by the hackers too and the payments can be deposited to the hackers. 

The major types of attack that the site can have are trojans, viruses and malwares… This can delete the information and data from the website and it can crash the site and the consequences can be really bad. It can affect the reliability of the company. 

2.    Given the shift toward m-commerce, do a search on m-commerce (or mobile commerce) crime. Identify and discuss the security threats this type of technology creates.

An increment in online shopping through different versatile applications and installment portals, wrongdoing through portable apps have definitely expanded. A few genuine security dangers have been made due to rise of m-commerce culture. For illustration, PC-based applications can be secured utilizing solid confirmation and encryption whereas designers must work with to some degree restricted memory capabilities of remote gadgets. This makes the utilize of solid verification and encryption troublesome. Another danger is that remote gadgets such as cell phones are effortlessly and regularly stolen. This implies client confirmation is basic for secure m-commerce. Shockingly, specialists say numerous current remote conventions come up brief on confirmation. Underneath are things to be careful for whereas on your versatile gadget.

An increase in online shopping via various mobile applications and payment gateways, crime through mobile apps have increased drastically. Some serious security threats have been created due to emergence of m-commerce culture. For example, PC-based applications can be secured using strong authentication and encryption while developers must work with somewhat limited memory capabilities of wireless devices. This makes the use of strong authentication and encryption difficult. Another threat is that wireless devices such as cell phones are easily and frequently stolen. This means user authentication is critical for secure m-commerce. Unfortunately, experts say many current wireless protocols come up short on authentication. Below are things to watch out for while on your mobile device.