Case Study Questions

  1. Find a site on the web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does the Exchange offer that other sites do not?

Ans:   The site that offers classified ads for horses is:

This site is unique. 

Now Comparing the above site with:


In the site there is a 25% to 30% off in wide variety of times. You can sign in and create an account like amazon and add items in the cart and then order it online. You have adds from google, Facebook and twitter and Pinterest. There are ads in the bottom from PayPal, amazon and Accredited Business and many more. It has customer reviews on the bottom of the page with 4.7 stars. You can buy horses, pay for services like trainers and they have specific location which are popular. You can buy and sell. The horses are cheaper. You can buy a horse for as little as 3K. is your source for everything equine. From riding to care, a life dedicated to equine takes commitment, passion, and the proper mindset. Equip yourself with an assortment of horse supplies and horse tack. has the highest quality equine supplies you need at the lowest prices.


In the Exchange site There is Facebook and twitter and YouTube ads. They have no offer in the front page and no discounted offers at all. The horses are very expensive, the cheapest starts from 50 k and can reach 2-4 hundred K. The showcase of the horse is good. The advertisement for the horses shows their own video, the record they have won and the owner who is trying to sell them. Its specific purpose is to sell horse that are an athletic horse, well trained and well groomed. These horses are for competition. Horses listed with The Exchange are offered for sale by their owners, trainers and/or agents, and not by The Exchange. Advertising copy is created by The Exchange from descriptions given by sellers: It is not verified by The Exchange nor is The Exchange responsible for any erroneous or misleading information. As with any equine purchase the Buyer is ultimately responsible for verifying claims made by the Seller, determining suitability of the animal for their needs, and ensuring proper health & soundness. A Repurchase Veterinary Exam is strongly recommended for all equine purchases.


2.            In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the highest increase in sales and inquiries? Why?

Ans: The exchange brand was effective with the way they advertised the horses that are for sale in a premium way. The other site was a little sketchy like craigslist and wasn’t very appealing and legit. The social media had all their links and add in the exchange brand to relate and contact the people there too which increased its liability. The horses were expensive though. I think Facebook and the exchange brand has the highest increase in sales and inquiries because, their profit margin is big as the horses is expensive. The quality is high, it's like buying a sports car and even if there is less sales, the margin of profit is more than what a cheap site sells. 


3.            Make a list of all the ways The Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both buyers and sellers. 

Ans: In The exchange allows buyers a way to view the animal and product they want to buy though details like written details, photos and videos. The sellers part has to provide all the necessary contact that can be placed in the website so that the buyers can contact them and set an appointment to buy the horse and other products. You have rewards and other promo code when you sign up and buy products. 




2. Visit your Facebook profile page and examine the ads shown in the right margin. What is being advertised and how do you believe it is relevant to your interests or online behavior? Make a list of ads appearing in your news feed. Are these ads appropriately targeted to you in terms of your demographics, interests, and past purchases? Surf the web, visiting at least two retail websites. In the next 24 hours, do you see advertising on Facebook related to your surfing behavior? 

Ans:  I am in my Facebook profile page currently. In the profile page, there is no ads, but on the home page there is tons of ad. Pretty much ad in majority of the scrolls that I make down the page too. I see a liquid called pique industries from amazon and then adobe stock ad that is being shown in the picture. The ads are not relevant to my interests or online behaviors as I am using schools’ computer right now. This time the ad failed. But they usually do a great job at showing the items that I have searched or talked about in amazon. And through voice searches that I have made in my phone. They do show the items that I purchased in the past as previously purchased items. 

So, I searched Target and then Walmart for the retail sites. Yes, I do now see the websites on Facebook showing the product that I searched in there as an ad and now it is showing on Instagram too. This is annoying as this is something Ido not prefer. 


4.            Identify two Pinterest brands page. Identify how they use Pinterest marketing tools described in this chapter. Are there some tools they are not using? What recommendations can you make for these companies to improve their Pinterest marketing campaigns?

Ans:  The two brands I have chosen are Subaru and Ducati.

Subaru: Pinterest is pretty big for Subaru with about 113.1K monthly viewers. It shows all the latest vehicle and has a very interesting array of collection of cars that i have never seen. It shows you the new cars on the top of the page and as you scroll down you will see sports version of Subaru. They are using weather as a tool to show that the car can perform well in all weather conditions and can be trusted in all road conditions. They show their rally cars and racing cars and they use the same concepts in consumer cars for better performance and safety. It shows how much space it has in the back. 

My recommendation for Subaru is that it can have maybe a section for selection and choices of car. 


The second one is Motorbike company Ducati. 

The front page is like Subaru where it is showing its new motorbikes and the different colors and types of bikes it has which is from classic to futuristic. For advertisement it uses Red color as its imprint of being Ducati. It uses a lot of females as a model for the bike as a way of inspiring females and at the same time asking for guys to buy the bike because girls will love this bike. Ducati is seen as an attraction symbol in the Pinterest account. My recommendation for the Ducati company is that maybe they should have more selection or kind of bike on the top of the page.