Jordan Koski

14 September 2017

ITS 370

Chapter 1

2) 1. Confidentiality - The public should not have access to this info.
††† 2. Integrity - My personal info should be accurate always.
†† 3. Availability can access my personal info and change it.
†† 4. Storage - My personal info is stored in a secure server storage.
†† 5. Processing - If I change my info it would reflect the changes I made.
†† 6. Transmission - My personal information should be encrypted.
†† 7. Policy - Access to my info are only available to me and Admin.
†† 8. Education - Training staff in the security of personal information.
†† 9. Technology - Encryption software is used to transmit my info.

3) CIO is the owner and the Sys Admin is the custodian. Ross Eaton is the Sys Admin. The CIO is vacant. We donít have a CISO listed on the Web.

4) I Chose Walmart. The CEO is Doug McMillion. The Chief Information Officer is Clay Johnson. The CISO is Kerry Kilker. They were all easy to find. None were the hardest.

5) Mitnick was one of the first hackers and is still regarded as one of the most famous hackers. He was caught by the FBI. He used social engineering to get his start into hacking and then after that he became a very involved person in hacking telephones. He then went on to hack Pacific Bell and many other wide arrays of usersí passwords and credentials. He is infamous because he exposed many flaws in the IT security world and he wrote a few books.

6) Iterative - you don't finish a feature in one go. You are in a code >> get feedback >> code >> ... cycle. You keep iterating till done.

Incremental - you build as much as you need right now. You don't over-engineer or add flexibility unless the need is proven. When the need arises, you build on top of whatever already exists.

Agile - you are agile if you value the same things as listed in the agile manifesto. It also means that there is no standard template or checklist or procedure to "do agile". It doesn't over specify. it just states that you can use whatever practices you need to "be agile".