Instructions: Use search tools and the information in this special feature to create at least three measurable performance benchmarks for your site. (You may assume any additional information about your B2C beaded jewelry business not detailed in these instructions.)

·        My benchmarks are: unique and repeat visitors and conversion rate

Next, evaluate services and costs for at least three marketing companies that offer Web analytics and performance evaluation tools. Choose the marketing company that, in your opinion, offers the best selection of services and costs for your site.

·        The three companies I chose are: 1) visistat 2) webtrends 3) google analytics

·        The company that offers the best selection of services and costs for my site is webtrends because it had the power to be very customizable and it was a user friendly setup, while being a much better price than that of the others. All of the needed ways to measure my benchmarks were available and easy to use.

1. Write a report that explains the performance benchmarks you have created and how the benchmarks will help you evaluate your Web site’s performance.

·        The performance benchmarks I chose were; unique visitors, repeat visitors, and conversion rate. These are important to know because of the information they pass along to me. I would like to know if I am reaching new people on a regular basis and, if once they are a visitor, they return to the page. The conversion rate is important to know because it’ll give me an idea of how many people purchase things off of the site opposed to just looking at it. These will all help evaluate my sites performance because the information passed along to me will let me know who is seeing my products and if they are seeing it, how many of them are purchasing items.

2. Include in your report a summary of the services provided and costs for those services for each reviewed marketing company. Discuss the reasons for your choice of the specific marketing company that will provide you with Web analytics and performance evaluation products and services.

·        The three services I reviewed were visistat, webtrends, and google analytics.


The costs and services for

·        Visistat- $500/mo.: 5 Users | Lead Capture, Alerts, Scoring | Campaign/Conversion Tracking | Analytics | Support/Training | Web Diagnostics (PULSE®) | 3 Hosted Forms | CRM Integrations | 1,000 Enhanced Contacts/year | Up to 50,000 page views/month    


·        Webtrends- 2,259.99 one-time fee; Unlimited data collection | Multi-channel measurement across social, mobile, web and SharePoint | Configurable digital dashboards | Standard and customized analytics reporting | Extensive data export | Custom and calculated metrics | Ad-hoc data exploration to unlimited dimensions


·        Google analytics- $150,000 / year, Acquisition Reporting | Audience Reporting | Benchmarking | Reports | Cohort Analysis | Conversion Reporting | Custom Reporting | Ecommerce Reporting | Mobile App Reporting | Performance Reporting | Site Reporting | Reporting APIs | Collection & Configuration APIs | Cross-Device Data | Event Tracking | Google Tag Manager | Mobile SDKs | User Permissions