Junsang Lee

Professor Shin-Ping

ITS 380


1.       Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

A.      Pinterest started with social media flat form. However, it has been changing its feature from social media to searching engine. Even though Google is the powerful search engine in the world, the reason why Pinterest considers Google as its primary competitor is because Pinterest has the information that is based on users daily lives. Furthermore, it also offers the function called subcategories; it helps us to narrow down the topics or lead us to other topics that we should know before knowing what we searched. For these two reasons, Pinterest views Google as its primary competitor.


2.       Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

A.      Nowadays, we have higher dependence of smartphone. Smartphone is one of the most important things that we carry all the time. Recently, because of banking application, we even do not need to bring our wallet but we just pay by banking app. We can do almost of everything with smartphone that we used to do with laptop. Due to the fact that smartphone is handier than laptop, Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform than other platforms.


3.       Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

A.      Pinterest has potential copyright infringement because of the characteristic of Pinterest. The information in Pinterest is based on users. They share pictures, links, comments and other things that they like to share with others. However, the problem is when they share those, they do not need permission. Pinterest can offer this environment because it has opt-out code which allow Pinterest’s users can share things without permission.  This is why Pinterest has riskiness of copyright infringement.



1.       Project 1

E-commerce company: Amazon

1)      Ubiquity: no matter what kinds of software we use, we are still able to access to Amazon whenever we want for example: android, iOS, Microsoft and etc. In other word, we can access to Amazon not only desktop but also smartphone.

2)      Global Reach: we can access to Amazon almost everywhere in the world. It is world-wide range. Moreover, it also cooperates with local company. There is one example in Mid-East called “Souq.com”

3)      Universal standard: Since Amazon is huge world-wide size, they have standard about feedback from purchasers.

4)      Richness: comparing to other companies, Amazon has plentiful visual and audiogenic system.

5)      Interactivity: Amazon website is easy to access and easy to use. It has good figure to use

6)      Information density: the enormous database based on vast consumers contributes to easy-usable websites. It leads users can find products that they want efficiently and productively.

7)      Personalization/Customization: the components of Amazon are optimized for customers to find products which they want to purchase as fast and convenient as they can

8)      Social technology: Amazon has well structured connection with social network. It leads Amazon to promote special deal or notification to people.

Amazon is superior at ubiquity. However, it will be better if we could use other SNS account to login to Amazon.


2.       Project 3

-          As we can even feel it, e-commerce grows fast. The higher dependence of smartphone also contributes to this growth of e-commerce. There will be so much of online market in smartphone platforms. Next five years, we might be going to observe the saturated market in smartphone platforms. Technological growth will offer us convenient one-click lives. On the other hands, in societal aspect, we are going to be surprised about how rapidly the offline market disappears. In business aspect, the price, perhaps, decrease because of competition between e-commerce. In 2023, we will find ourselves purchase everything by smartphone and our lives will be taken over by smartphone. In other word, we might not be able to do anything without smartphone. In contrast, the scale of e-commerce will be enormously huge significantly.