Junsang Lee

Professor Sin-Ping

Chapter 4

ITS 380




1.       Why did Dick’s decide to leave eBay and take over its own e-commerce operation?

A)      Dicks revenues began slowing down in 2014, 2015, and due to eBay has fixed commission on an online product sold, it began reaching unreasonable costs. During this time, many big businesses began taking over their own e-commerce operation in order to minimize these expenses.

B)      This migration is a difficult one though because it is hard to customize software and services. By 2017, Dicks moved to independent e-commerce operation and rapidly increasing sales allowed budget to undertake this transition

C)      Total control of e-commerce operations allowed Dick’s to provide better support for their omni- channel features as well.


2.       What is Dick’s omnichannel strategy?

A)      Dick’s adopted unique omnichannel features such as shipping online orders from physical stores. Because of this, Dick’s began converting its store into distribution centers as well showrooms.

B)      This increases efficiency and improves delivery order online and pick up orders at local stores.


3.       What are the three steps in Dick’s migration to its new website?

A)      Step one creates and involves developing the new web site and make it group action with their existing system. Step 2 involves moving its lesser brands to the new platform and continued to develop the platform. Step three include moving its primary web site, like Dick’s equipment, onto the new platform.


4.       What are the primary benefits of Dick’s new system?

A)      There are several advantages. The first one is the power to shop online and get future ability to check developed evaluation and promoting based on region. Alternative edges embrace associate improved computer program and higher analytics capabilities. Dick’s additional hope is that realize higher sales so that the result of multi-channel customers pays three times the maximum amount as mono customers. As a last one, the new system permits Dick’s to rush the innovation and development cycles of its online and physical store operations.




Buyers Point, one the fastest-growing digital business organizers, is a $500 million firm based in New York. Since inception in 2011. Buyers Point has been on a steep growth trajectory. More than 1000 products operating in 18 countries across the world. It has present across USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Serbia, Hungary, Philippines, Japan, Australia and Development Centers in India. Buyers Point, basically deals with selling variety of cars. It has its wide range of cars available and also with the inclusion of various bikes will be added booster that will be released soon in our portal. We do not only sell cars but render after sales services and miscellaneous products of automobiles. We even provide test drivers of the desired cars at desired locations before selling cars. Furthermore, we have the fastest service centers in case of any problems.




                Outsourcing activity and doing it in house depends heavily on the financial factors. Moreover, it also depends on inhouse expertise also in terms of required technologies used in the project. Being the head of the start up cost of the project will be the major deciding factor. Most of starting up companies have small size and less employees. Thus, the employees have mix of responsibilities. For instance, a scenario in house development of a project always remain as a challenge. In case the required technology or expertise will be quite difficult to go for the inhouse development. Outsourcing is always a safe option as it takes away lot of headache related to management of people and product development. All the technological challenges are also taken care by the outsourced companies. If the project is dealing with any sensitive date, it might have problem in terms of the quality of the software. Evaluation of the capability of the outsourced companies and how well they keep the information secure is very important. With being in the competitive world and leading a startup, we cannot take chances with disclosure of strategic features of the application due to the fact that we will be at loss if the competitor will come with those features before us. The cost of the project will be based on the manhours required for the project. Apart from this if any new software or any training is required then that cost will be corn by the outsourcing company.